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Autumn Lights: Seika's Treats by Kyuuyula, visual art

TWWM: Shifting Seasons - Inner Reflections by Kyuuyula, literature

TWWM: Shifting Seasons - Environmental Changes by Kyuuyula, literature

TWWM: Natura Humana - Ch.4 - Decisions by Kyuuyula, literature

TWWM: Natura Humana - Ch.3 - Explorations by Kyuuyula, literature

Farewell Sunshine

Mikan aka Mika | 22.07.2008 - 04.02.2020 by Kyuuyula, visual art

Photography Corner

When We Were Young by Kyuuyula, visual art

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My Bio

'Ello there~!

My name is Kyuuyula, Kyuu or Q for short if you wish. ^^

I'm just your average german potato with probably rather unwanted worldviews (as of late anyway, haha). I'm female, mid-twenties and the mind of a teenager sometimes (especially when it comes to fangirling over something) and even if I'm barely female in terms of looks I still know I'm exactly that and you can adress me as such. I may look and act more like a guy, but being born with tiddies isn't something I can change. Not that there's much of that anyway. :v

I enjoy drawing, even if I'm not good at many things and lack lots of skill. Designing and creating other things such as species is one of my favourite things to do! Photography and different crafts also interest me very much, but I only do that on the side and it's not something I post online much. Tho there may be more to be seen of that in the future. :)

I love music of all sorts, except for a few things that just make me aggressive for some reason(?) just by hearing it for half a minute (looking at you, Schlagermusik and mainstream lovesongs from the pop genre..). Rock, Metal, Funk and Folk-type music are my favourites although I can appreciate a good dose of good Rap or Hip-Hop in there as well. As of late I do like K-Pop as well, but there isn't much I love yet.

I enjoy horror Let's Plays and funny videos from YouTubers, I mainly watch Markiplier and Jacksepticeye for that as well as the german YouTuber Gronkh but I'm always looking for other funny people to watch stuff from. So, recommandations are appreciated!

A fair warning tho, although it might be lengthy:

Usually I'm easy to get along with and I love discussing things and talking with people about random stuff if I have time. However, if someone decides to be rude just because I don't bend and break to their opinion or worldview I will not be keeping my satin gloves on. Especially if the other party gets immature and rude just because they cannot make points in their favor for some reason (because that's how it usually goes, unless they insult right off the bat of course..).

Just so we cleared that up~. <3

I know sometimes opinions clash and that's fine, to each their own. But I will not let others call me names or insult me just for not agreeing with them. I think that if you don't like the opinion of others it's mature to say 'okay, i guess we got different opinions on this.' and then just call it a day and leave the conversation without being an immature brat or flat out asshole.

I cannot stress this enough, tho it's sad to even have to say this in the first place. But it seems to be a necessary 'warning' for easily triggered people and sheltered kids that never learned that their opinion isn't the only one in the world.

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Animations, anything Ghibli and most from Disney, Dreamworks and such. Action and Horror movies too.
Favourite TV Shows
Navy CIS, Numb3rs, The Mentalist, Criminal Intent
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
List is WAAAYYY too long. I love Rock, Metal and every kind of japanese music~
Favourite Books
Olf, An allem nagt der Zahn der Zeit, Rotten World (dA book of a friend)
Favourite Writers
None yet
Favourite Games
F.E.A.R. (ALL games!), Bulletstorm, Diablo II + III, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Detroit: Become Human, Devil May Cry (3 and 4 maybe, 5 and up is bs) and many more!
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC & PS 2
Tools of the Trade
Paper, Pencil, Ink Pen, Camera, Scanner, SAI, Artweaver, GIMP, Fotosketcher
Other Interests
Enjoying being poor af ( ovo)b

Noone's Gℓ!τ¢н ß!τ¢н

Spiteful Valentines Day Comment by Kyuuyula, journal

Leaving 2020 Behind and Moving on to 2021 by Kyuuyula, journal

Working on stuff behind the scenes, but I had to pop in and drop this so you lot can appreciate this too. Goddamn I love canyon drawings.



The calls of chaos echo over the plains. The master of demise is awaiting his feast.

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Thank you for watching :heart: I’m happy you enjoyed my art, and I hope you will enjoy my future work. Have a nice day!

Hello! Do you know where I can find those esk sketches you made for me a while back? I can't seem to locate them but it might just be eclipse ghfdhgdghdgh

Gosh, that's yet another problem to add to the list of problems...

Here's the two I was able to upload so far, I'm glad I put his name down in the tags, so that's how you'll find his art. :'D

Img 20200323 0002
Img 20200323 0001

I'm sorry things are taking so long with more sketches, with my own health and my dad getting sick the other day as well as Eclipse robbing me off my last nerves (to put it mildly) I didn't get around to uploading/finishing anything more yet.

Would you mind if I added Saffre to some event artworks? To get him some more GP, as an addition to the other GP I owe as payment.

I wouldn't mind at all! Thank you for the images too, i just forgot to upload them to his tracker. lol

Thank You RANDY by Guzbourine
Thank you so much for the Watch! Hope you enjoy reading our comic! Mermaid Emote 
You're very welcome! Your artworks and storytelling skills are amazing so I'm looking forward to both the comic and any other artworks. <3

Then you'll get plenty of entertainment from us! Hope to keep your interest.

Thank you so much again, stay safe! Underwater kiss