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[AFK Arena] Mirael

By kyuuin
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I don't usually do mobile games, but this one I've been obsessing with for a little over two weeks. I've dedicated every waking moment of my life to AFK ever since.
So I went and drew one of the first heroes I got; Mirael. I like witches - and this is probably not the last time I'll be posting AFK Arena fanart. I want to draw Shemira, Belinda, Silvina, Numisu, Tasi... - who am I kidding, I want to draw them all. I have zero experience with drawing characters like Brutus, Khasos and Saveas, but I'll make it happen. //criesindiamonds

I also want to inform you guys that my commissions are open!

Mirael (AFK Arena) © Lilith Games
Art © :iconkyuuin:
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she is making me blush!!
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Looks so beautiful!!!!
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She's beautifully coloured! I like how you shaded the star on her chest.

Actually, I mistook her for someone else. Why do all long red-haired characters like to have their hair obscuring half of their face... :)