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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon by Dreamer-Rena Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon :icondreamer-rena:Dreamer-Rena 67 6
The Candidate
Small interaction with:Coan,Desiree,Celested,Ravenna,Shiori,Dakar and Imani.
Exams are putting a great stress on me,I have to write out a bit. The big deal comes on the 23th. Cheer for me.
Celeste: *holding her camera,trying to take photos of a butterfly when someone bumps into her,tries to not fall,grabs the closest thing,tries to stand straight again* ...*picks up her camera,it flew away,sighs* I almost got it. It'd have been so pretty on that red aesthetic page.
Coan: Are you alright?
Celeste: *looks at him* ...
Coan: Those guys took you down with the elbow,and didn't even apologize. 
Celeste: I'm also at fault,I wasn't watching. I was too busy taking picture of that...nevermind.
Coan: The butterfly?
Celeste: YES! You saw it??
Coan: It flew away next to me seconds ago. Finding something so tiny would be challenging. Your hand. Does it hurt?
Celeste: It's only a bruise. I had to hold myself up somehow,I can't let myself fall.
Coan: My mother's the school nurse,we could go and wa
:icondreamer-rena:Dreamer-Rena 1 0
I just couldn't think of a better title honestly,but who knows me they know it's nort my forte. *shrugs*
I only wanted to list here characters from Coan's story. Mostly the ones who you haven't seen yet. As I said I'm not giving Coan more knights myself,I feel like it would take the fun away.
Still here's the list what is filled:
Shiori Aomori ( Yuki’s little sister ) - Ice
Amandine Brisbois ( Marc’s daughter ) - Wind
Indira Sharma ( Fazal’s little sister ) - Darkness
Yarah Majeed ( Tora’s sister,Tier’s smallest daughter. ) - Water
Ravenna Di Vaio ( Member of the Executive Council ) - Fire
2 places left: Light,Earth
Shiori Aomori - The Ice Knight
Race: Yuki-Onna
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 150 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Build: Curvy/Pear Shape
Birthday: September 14 ( Virgo )
Hair color: Pastel Blue
Eye color: Lavender
Ethnicity: Japanese
Sexuality: Bisexual
Kii: Ice
Job: Student at the academy - Student Council President
Region: Morganite/Glacis
:icondreamer-rena:Dreamer-Rena 2 0
Coan Koshkin by Dreamer-Rena Coan Koshkin :icondreamer-rena:Dreamer-Rena 13 20 Zootopia by Dreamer-Rena Zootopia :icondreamer-rena:Dreamer-Rena 28 0 Don't Be So Shy by ShiemiRiseka Don't Be So Shy :iconshiemiriseka:ShiemiRiseka 15 0
Interactions with Kaori,Vadera and Nica.
Kaori: *making her bed,adjusting the pillows and tries to make them all puffy and soft,stares at other pillows on her bed,sighs*
Nica: *comes out from the bathroom in her pjs,drying her hair with a towel* Now aren't you happy to have me as your guest?
Kaori: I'd be happier if you would leave. *turns the lights off,lays in bed*
Nica: *rolls eyes,lays in bed next to her* What have I done that you hate me this much? Seirously,tell me because I'm lost.
Kaori: *still turned towards the wall* Can I be honest with you?
Nica: Go ahead.
Kaori: I hate...that you're better.
Nica: What do you mean by better? I think it's bullshit but go about it.
Kaori: It's about you being so pretty and stylish,you're also very smart and strong. Charistmatic,happy,you can talk to people without messing it up. All social butterfly you know. It's hard for me to say,but I think I behave like that because I want to be like you.
Nica: *surprised*...
Kaori: You achieved so many
:iconshiemiriseka:ShiemiRiseka 2 10
The Guest
Again a small slice from Coan's route.
Coan: Is this neccessary? *holding a pile of clothes*
Desi: Yes,it is. *putting clothes out to dry*
Coan: You're making me babysit??
Desi: You succeeded with your little sister,so it can't be so hard looking after a girl who's your age.
Coan: But she' know. I don't know.
Desi: *raises eyebrow* No. I don't know. What is it that you're so against it?
Coan: I'm not against it,just. They said it's a kirin when we found the body,yet there's no horn.
Desi: If you ask me,I think you shouldn't ask her about that. I'm sure it has a reason. She maybe a late bloomer,who knows. *chuckles*
Coan: But what if she never had one?
Desi: That is why I told you. It's better if you won't mention it.
Coan: *rubs the back of his neck* Got it. Besides where is she now?
Rave: I think we ran out of shampoo.
Coan: *flinches* ...Mom. I don't want to turn.
Desi: Yes,it's better you stay that way. Just go finish putting up the clothes then you can take the kitchen. In t
:iconshiemiriseka:ShiemiRiseka 2 26
A Time Skip
I thought about writing a scenario about older Coan and Shiori in their academy upper class years. Thought it would be fun~
Coan: *waiting at the bus stop,scrolling on his phone*
Shiori: *comes up from behind him*  Morning Coan.
Coan: *looks at her* Morning.
Shiori: Did I make you wait?
Coan: You did.
Shiori: Wow rude. If a girl is asking you that,you're supposed to say " Oh no,of course you didn't. I just got here."
Coan: Well you made me wait,I was here early.
Shiori: At least it's nice to see that you decided to finally come to school after such a long time.
Coan: I'll also get to watch your first trip on the bus.
Shiori: ...I feel like a commoner. Okay,but stand really close to me. My mom warned me of all the danger.
Coan: *small snort* Yeah yeah,alright. They'll cut your arm off and take your gold bracelet huh?
Shiori: That happened once to someone on the bus!! I can also get sexually harrassed and murdered! Or they'll kidnap me and lock me in a box and I'll die and nobody fi
:iconshiemiriseka:ShiemiRiseka 1 11
Long time since I didn't write a journal. Since my friend asked about Desi's nurse costume,I got inspired.
Desi: *walking in front of the mission board,reads the choiced,takes them off and takes it to her office* Well. These will go up next time with the ones coming in tomorrow. *walks towards her office,sits down* I mean what can be so horrible about these missions?
Morgan: *holds Nica and Kaori by the neck of their shirts as they're trying to get each other* I don't thin I have this needs any explanation.
Desi: *sighs* Just set them down I'll take care of this. *puts papers aside,hands on her hips* Let me guess it started as insulting and it turned into a fight,just the usual.
Kaori: I wouldn't attack if Nicora wouldn't trigger me.
Nica: And I wouldn't trigger you if you would know how to shut your whore ass mouth.
Kaori: Aren't you confusing me with yourself?
Nica: At least there are no shitty rumors about me. Besides. Even make up wouldn't help on that face of yours. It would proba
:iconshiemiriseka:ShiemiRiseka 2 23
Kitsune-bi Girls Re-Draw by ShiemiRiseka Kitsune-bi Girls Re-Draw :iconshiemiriseka:ShiemiRiseka 10 2
Time Flies
An interaction with the Cosmic Overdrive group.
Before that.
Just to clear this. As I said before I won't make my own characters fall in love with each other.
I explained this previously,that I rather like to ship with other people than making up couples myself. Not because I can't do that,or I don't like it. I only think two minds make better than one. I also like to see my characters interact with others.
At cases,where I ship my own charas,I don't know why but I feel an inner cringe like: ":'D So lonely that I ship with myself. " Maybe it's just me,but have someone ever felt this?? Pls tell me. Cause I feel weird.
Again to clear relationships. I just wanted to clear that none of my characters have romantic relationships with each other. Cause I would cringe inside on myself doing that.
Even in kitsune-bi,some of the characters who were left out and I paired them up. I'm still just uggggh. I prefer to discuss stuff with another person. And again I feel like if I make own couples I fe
:iconshiemiriseka:ShiemiRiseka 1 0
Alien OC infos
I thought about adding longer descriptions of the characters here~
~ Daniel " Dan " Falkenrath ~
Codename: Falcon
Species: Human
Planet: Earth Gamma
Gender: Male (He/Him)
Age: 25
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 89 kg
Build: Muscular/Dorito :'D
Birthday: October 25 ( Scorpio )
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Ethnicity: German
Sexuality: Demisexual
Ship name: Odile
Job/Title: Captrain of the Gamma Section,pilot and navigator also
Likes: Coke,reading,alcohol,spicy food,his ship <3 ( the real OTP people )
Dislikes: Being sick,carrot,people joking with him dating Mirage ( They both hate that. )
Main Color: Black/Purple
~ They lost their father with Will when he was around 15. At the same year he gave out Mirage to the police,and they took her to prison.
~ Their father was a well known pilot,that's why when they became orphans Captain Wright took them under his wings and helped out their mother and the boys
~ Doesn't matter how many girls tried to put their hands on him,he reject
:iconshiemiriseka:ShiemiRiseka 1 21
The Wind Herself by ShiemiRiseka The Wind Herself :iconshiemiriseka:ShiemiRiseka 6 0
An interaction with my space babies~
Dan: *just came out of his room,walking on the corridors,notices a crowd* ...?? *jogs closer* What's going on?
Judas: *looking outside along with the others* Someone's having fun. Their speed is insane though,it's nearly impossible to take those sharp turns. *summons a screen to show him the status of the ship*
Dan: *blinks,looks at him* Judas. If I recall they chose you for that duty because under your eagle eye nothing gets away.
Judas: Which is true. This joy-rider is something.
Dan: Why aren't you bothered? You could get into huge shit because of that.
Judas: I'm not worried because my shift ended 5 minutes ago,you're on Dan. *smirks*
Dan: *looks at his clock* Fuck!!! *runs towards the hangar* We'll get back to this!
Judas: *shouts* Kick his ass!
Mimea: A-Ah Captain! ~ *smiles,wants to hug him*
Dan: Not now Mimea,get the control panel and make sure everything is active. *jumps in,pulls the cabin door*
Mimea: *pouts,just does as he said,summons t
:iconshiemiriseka:ShiemiRiseka 1 17
Mermaid!AU - Kitsune Bi by ShiemiRiseka Mermaid!AU - Kitsune Bi :iconshiemiriseka:ShiemiRiseka 7 19



Basic Infos ~ 

Name: Emilio Castillo
Race/Classification: red-winged black bird demon
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 5'6''/167.64 cm
Weight: 135 lbs
Build: lil on the stocky side
Birthday: Dec 3rd
Hair color: black with orange tips
Eye color: brown
Ethnicity: Spanish
Sexuality: heterosexual
Kii: fire
Year: 2
Course: healer
Region: Ruby

Francesca Castillo- mother, raven
Alejandro Castillo- grandfather, red-winged black bird
Mariana Castillo- grandmother, finch

Facts ~ 
~crystal holder, vanadinite
~spends most of his time in the library but will try to hang out with Riko when he has enough courage
~His father died doing crystal holder duties when he was very young, so he's been raised by his mother and grandparents

Dislikes: loud noises (they ruffle his feathers), unnecessary romantic plotlines in adventure books, citrus fruits

Likes: nature walks, reading, and meat

Basic Infos ~ 
Name: Fazal Sharma
Race/Classification: snow leopard demon
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 5'11''/180.34 cm
Weight: 150 lbs
Build: well-built
Birthday: June 24
Hair color: white
Eye color: pale blue
Ethnicity: Indian
Sexuality: asexual
Kii: shadow
Year: 2
Course: warrior
Region: Emerald

Ajit Sharma- father, snow leopard
Chetana Sharma- mother, snow leopard
Indira Sharma- younger sister, snow leopard

Facts ~ 
~he only drinks tea when he's ready to sit and judge
~he has a good handle on his emotions, even when Proteus tries god awful nicknames
~he's pretty protective of smaller girls

Dislikes: nicknames that make fun of his actual name, loud and/or rude people, working outside of his limits

Likes: sweets, being a knight, being able to rest, fairly quiet people
  • Listening to: a pool table being taken apart
  • Reading: xxxHolic
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
  • Eating: leftover halloween candy
  • Drinking: dr pepper


kyuuexorcist's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Alo~! I'm Ali, or Kyuu, whichever is preferred. I love anime and manga, if you couldn't tell. I also love Alice in Wonderland, Homestuck, and several other works. I just might be one of the most unique people you'll ever meet, and if you wanna know more about me, just message me, kay? I will do requests and such, I don't have much else to do otherwise, so please just ask and I'll do one for you as long as I can use a reference. :3

DO NOT USE MY ART WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. That shouldn't be so hard to understand. Ask my permission, and then we'll see. =A=#


(Icon created by: :icondrunimaginative: )


kyuuexorcist has started a donation pool!
54 / 2,396
Just to start :iconrubcheeksplz:

I can do point commissions, too.

Starting amt: 5 points
colored: 2 points
2+ characters: 2 points
etc (words/speech bubbles, things of that nature) : 2 points

So really, I'll add two points to the starting amount of whatever extra you'd like. 0//w//0

(Guys, please donate after I've posted the artwork, because I feel bad if the commission is taking a while and you've already donated your points for it... TwT; )

You must be logged in to donate.


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