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You have helped celebrate the 9th Anniversary of City of Heroes. (This badge was issued to every hero, villain, vigilante, rouge, and Praetorian who accessed this page during the month of May, 2013).
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It's funny, the longer it's been gone, the more determined the fan base becomes. I approve.
Tippetarius's avatar
I miss CoH/V so much it hurts, but thanks for the badge, I'd have gotten this one if the game was still live.... not going to cry *sniffs*
revanantmorituri's avatar
*bows head in silent homage*
alchemist60's avatar
Oh, ouch. Right in the feels.
milandare's avatar
It is very still... here
Kyuuen's avatar
City of Heroes remains as long as we remember it.

When the next worthy successor comes, I will support it.
DoctorSoull's avatar
*Military Salute* Never Forget the Champions of Paragon!!
syrusbLiz's avatar
*weeps as well*
FireBrandi's avatar
Yay, that brings me to 1317 badges! ;)
virago-rs's avatar
T_T Don't know if this is a homage or a stab in the back ^^;
Kyuuen's avatar
I don't work for NCSoft's PR department, but I do enjoy playing Spy in Team Fortress 2.
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