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EQD Training Grounds Day 17-Dropkick's Change by KyuubiNight EQD Training Grounds Day 17-Dropkick's Change by KyuubiNight
Dropkick looked his leg, a certain unease overcame him as he viewed the second foreleg. It felt so so strange having limbs and wings that weren't there before. The stallion could only think of his fillyfriend's reaction to all of this...she has not going to a happy camper.

The blue pony then moved his hoof to his back. A large pair of wings stuck out in an obvious fashion. Rainbow-colored feathers followed the edge of each wing, giving them a tropical feel. Other feathers jutted out of his head and tail, their color just as bright as his new found wings. Dropkick felt like a dancer in one of those Las Pegasus shows, only this costume wasn't coming off.

Dropkick wondered how this was going affect his work life, since engineers aren't supposed to look like peacocks. Stress was now beginning to compound, something happened to him in that cave..and he had to find out what.


Day 17- Draw pony under stress.

Well now, it seems I've drawn a post without Time Turner or Canvas Painter. This guy is a new character based on a bizarre dream I had a few months ago. It involved an IT guy fighting a witch who turned herself in a mastodon. She then cast a spell that made the IT guy a rainbow colored bird-dragon. It's all cracktastic to me!

Anyway, Dropkick here is likely to get more appearances as the days go by. His character is meant to play a part in Time Turner's story. So stay tuned!
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