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somewhat gift/fan art to gunzalor3


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somewhat gift/fan art to gunzalor3


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Art made for me by others

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she mask the wild side pg 86(last page of story)

Then Christy reached back and started to take the mask off as she moaned and started losing its power as thunder and lightning struck all around, the mask slowly went back to being wood as she pulled one last time pulling the mask off. (Christy ) and now I am back to just plain normal old Christy. ( Kyle ) well that explains everything. (Christy ) one last thing o forgot to mention, I have always loved you and wanted to be with you but got caught up in using this mask. They then kissed one another as they headed back to Christy's house. (Kyle) so what are you going to do with the mask. (Christy ) you know what,I think I will keep it. It Is pr

She mask - The wild side

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she mask the wild side -return of the mayem pg 151

She mask the wild side- Return of the mayhem

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