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name- shadow

gender- Male with the ability to change into female

(Male 9 tailed kitsune form)

body- all white fur

tails- all bright blue with green lines going down the middle of each one

ears - silver with a green line going down the middle of each one

hair - short and silver

eyes- one bright blue and the other a bright green

(Female 9 tailed kitsune form)

Everything is the same as Male form except hair is longer and nails and toenails are green

(Male 9 tailed okami form)

Eyes- one silver and one gold

Body- half white fur and half black fur

Tails- all blue with green lines going down each one

Hair-short and silver

Ears- both half black and white with green lines going down the middle

Wings- 1 devil wing(red)and 1 angel wing(pure white)

(Female 9 tailed okami form)

Everything is the same except for eyes which will be both purple and hair will be long and both fingernails and toenails will be green also has 2 pure white angel wings

[Both okami forms can also have the ability to be human with just wolf ears and wolf tail and ]

(Male dragon form/also has ability to turn into full dragon)

Scales - red more so on dragon hands and dragon feet (not covering whole body unless fully dragon 😁)

Dragon ears- red

Wings- outside will black while the inside will be gold

Eyes- both gold and has a reptile look to them

Powers- can breathe fire

(Female dragon form/ also has the ability to turn into a full drgaon)

Eyes- both pink

Scales - purple more so on dragon hands and dragon feet(unless fully dragon)

Dragon ears- purple

Dragon wings- outside will be purple and inside will be pink

Dragon powers- can breathe fire and can breathe ice

(Female neko/ cat form)

[This form has no Male forn]

Eyes- one yellow and one pink

Ears hair and tail- all pink
Sorry guys but this is mainly a reference on here for me to use for now 😏
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No lol. Possible original character
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It's fine no problem lol