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Are you whelmed right now? Cause I know I am.

/shot in the face

Holy shit Young Justice....
Oh Robin you and your strange lingo and gay shades and....tight pants.

I was such a nerd for the Justice League. Then they introduced 487547375092705720957 heros and I'm wai (specially grandpa, he cant keep up, man).
So it totally ruined superhero shows for me for like...forever...
But I keep seeing commercials for this show
"Batman will deploy your missions."
And I lol every time so I finally watched about 6 episodes before farting out fanart.

Go watch it oh my god so much bromance and Robin is so sassy and only 13 and ohmygodahahahaha.

If nothing else watch it cause Robin is voiced by Jesse McCartney. Yeah. Watch it.

(Must I rape all short little black haired boys? Yes. The answer is yes.)
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Your artist's comment amuses me to no end. xD
I am now 'whlemed.