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To be with hatred by Nephsech To be with hatred :iconnephsech:Nephsech 102 13 Mistress Misea by Archangel606
Mature content
Mistress Misea :iconarchangel606:Archangel606 5 1
Survivor by Archangel606
Mature content
Survivor :iconarchangel606:Archangel606 2 1
Caje by Evanyell Caje :iconevanyell:Evanyell 41 10
The Sister She Never Had
Rose was quick on her footpaws, even when traveling across the dimensions.  She knew the Firelord well, better than anyone else in creation.  She knew his likes, and his dislikes; his innermost secrets, and the reasons behind his infamous wrath.  Despite his wrath, she loved him with all her heart.  Although his full wrath was never geared at her, it was against his code and nature to bring her to harm, or demean her.  However…he had a reputation for being a jealous lover.  He never cared who she associated with, as long as they meant her well.  He trusted her fully because she could be trusted.  But the curse of being a multidimensional being was to see alternate versions of people and places, and not all of the situations he saw were favorable.  Being the powerhouse that he is, he has the ability to manipulate the worlds around him, and has a nasty habit of doing so.  This time Rose and Willheimus’s mutual friend, The Doc
:iconwillheimus:Willheimus 1 33
Let's play (2) by Yuri-World-Ruler Let's play (2) :iconyuri-world-ruler:Yuri-World-Ruler 14 23 The Face of Skartan Saarai Kressh by Willheimus The Face of Skartan Saarai Kressh :iconwillheimus:Willheimus 2 129 Badrangs Inferno by Willheimus Badrangs Inferno :iconwillheimus:Willheimus 3 69
Welcome to Yokoshima High CH2
red eyed stranger
your eyes show your pain
red eyed stranger
you look at people with such disdain
red eyed stranger
you watch from afar
red eyed stranger
you hurt in your heart
red eyed stranger
can I brighten up your day
red eyed stranger
can I make your pain go away
red eyed stranger
I wanna make you smile
red eyed stranger
I wan......
Naruto was interrupted by the bell for his next class before he could
finish his poem. He gave a sigh and went to gym, he wondered what this
gym class would be like. He walked to his next class with Gaara walking with
him. When they got there they saw an old man with long spiky hair standing
there waiting for everyone to sit in the bleachers.
Once everyone sat down and started to chat the old man cleared his throat
to get everyones attention to himself.
"Hello class, my name is Jiraiya and I'm your gym teacher." The weird
looking man said.
"He looks to old to be a gym teacher." Naruto whispered
:iconkawaiicrimsonkitsune:kawaiicrimsonkitsune 27 7
KyuuNaru- His Nine Tails by xCloudXSkittlesx KyuuNaru- His Nine Tails :iconxcloudxskittlesx:xCloudXSkittlesx 86 63 Naruto : Another Part of Me by roxastuskiomi Naruto : Another Part of Me :iconroxastuskiomi:roxastuskiomi 45 6 Lucifer and Lilith by applesoveroranges Lucifer and Lilith :iconapplesoveroranges:applesoveroranges 14 5 The Bond With You by roxastuskiomi The Bond With You :iconroxastuskiomi:roxastuskiomi 33 11 Naruto : Search for Excalibur by roxastuskiomi Naruto : Search for Excalibur :iconroxastuskiomi:roxastuskiomi 66 14 Judas Priest by gabrielle-1985 Judas Priest :icongabrielle-1985:gabrielle-1985 14 9
Took this from :iconSchnitzelMobile:
Rumor has it there's a hacker on dA, hacking people and blocking our friends to make them block us! You'll then be banned from dA.
Write the same warning in your journal to protect not only yourself but everyone! Here's another warning: If I'm being a jerk, saying stuff like "Shut up," "Get lost", or "I don't want to see you on my page anymore", that's not really me. That's the hacker.
Write all of this down in your journal too!
Please do this, it's for the safety of everyone!
Forward this message before someone gets hurt!
CSS by =Aicidic

Have no idea if this is true but as :iconSchnitzelMobile: said it's good to remain safe!
Out of that, how have you guys been? :la: Any of you had the great bad luck to start school? :iconscaredplz: (hope not)
:iconsashieee:Sashieee 1 48



Sasha Brckalovic
I Love Naruto and Kyuubi(Girl) characters!

I have here and in Fanfiction.Net. friends.

I could always say what i want about Me!

I care for My Friends!

I Loved ~Insanity-Plus and I still do!

I wish that My friends are okay and that they have happy and full of Love life!

I can always talk with any of you!

Yes! I changed My deviant Id!

I wish people would talk more with me...not ignore me, because I would then ignore them for all eternity!

I write stories and romance couples! not tragedies and cheaters(those two things, tragedies and cheaters I hate very much!)

I wish you all well and life full of love!

Thank You Deviantart!

I've changed my DeviantID again,because some parts are cold and in the end ~InsanityPlus aka Mikie-From-Ireland is the greatest writer and I admire him no matter what!

Current Residence: Serbia
Print preference: normal,gothic,red and black!
Favourite genre of music: Haunted
Favourite photographer: Don't have one
Favourite style of art: Writting
Operating System: Computer Duh!
MP3 player of choice: I would tell you, if I have one
Wallpaper of choice: normal,red and black!
Favourite cartoon character: Naruto and Kyuubi(girl)
Personal Quote: Love Hurts and will betray you!
Hey Guys And Girls It's Me ~KyuubiFan222 And Ive Made A New Journal That's About *SpongyJess Aka *RainbowGalaxy10 Aka Jessica.

*SpongyJess Aka *RainbowGalaxy10 Aka Jessica Is A Sweet Girl Who Is On Deviantart And Possibly On Fanfiction.Net And FictionPress And Others Known Sites That Are On Internet(And Yet...That Same Internet Is Slowly Dying Thanks To Censorship Which Forbids Adult Sites And Videos And Of Course Change Of Internet Like New Stuff Etc Etc Etc)Which All Of Us Are Using To Show Our Arts And Stories And Ideas And Movies And Music, Our Dear *SpongyJess Here On Deviantart...Made And Draw Many Cutest And Beautiful Arts That Are Of Mario And Luigi,Mermaids,Spongebob And Of Course My Favorite NarutoxFemKyuubi Love Couple!:) Love Pictures!:) And Arts!:) That I Love With All Of My Heart And Soul And Body.

I Bet Many Of You Even *SpongeJess Herself Is Wondering Just...Why Am I Even Mentioning *SpongeJess In My New Journal...

Well Ladies And Gentlemen And *SpongeJess...The Reason Why Would I Mention/Said/Say/Told/Tell About *SpongeJess...It's Because Our Dear *SpongeJess...Erased Her First NarutoxFemKyuubi Love Couple!:) Love Pictures!:) And Arts!:) And Many More That I Have Added In My Favorite,Which Makes Me Now...VERY ANGRY!


I Really Really Don't Understand *SpongeJess...Ive Never Sent Her Flames Nor Insults...And Yet She Erased Her Lovely Pictures And Arts(And I Still Think And Know That *SpongeJess Really Does Make Very Beautiful And Lovely Arts And Pictures)Simple Because I Gave Her Good Comments And Replies And Added Her Lovely Pictures And Arts "Shakes My Head In Disbelief"

Before I Have Started This Journal About *SpongeJess Aka *RainbowGalaxy10 Aka Jessica...Ive Added One Of Her Last Lovely Pictures That Are To Me NarutoXFemKyuubi Love Couple!:) Without Giving Her Comments(Because Obviously To *SpongeJess My Comments Would Be A Spam Aka A Useless Post/Comment)And Yet She Erased Those Lovely Pictures Too!

For That...You *SpongeJess...Deserves A Really Hard Spanking.

And *SpongeJess...Giving Nice Comments With Smiles Is Not A Spam Nor Is Useless Post/Comment Nor Is Rude Post/Comment...Because Comments With Smiles And That Are Nice...Are Not Rude Posts/Comments.

"Snickers"Wow Hehehehe *SpongeJess...You Blocked Me From Commenting And Replying On Yours Account/Profile...Well *SpongeJess,I Did Said Now That You Do Deserve A Spanking And Rude Word Now...Because I Told You Before:

1.Please Don't Erase NarutoxFemKyuubi Love Couple!:) Love Pictures!:) That I Will Add To My Favorite Please!

And What Did You Do *SpongeJess Aka *RainbowGalaxy10 Aka Jessica?

I'll Tell You What You Did:

1. You Erased NarutoxFemKyuubi Love Couple!:) Love Pictures!:) And Love Arts!:) That You Had Even If I... BEGGED YOU NOT TO DO THAT!

2.You Didn't Even Tell Me Why Or Heaven Forbids That Your Crown Doesn't Fall From Your Pretty Head...You Didn't Even Send Me A Message!

Those 2 Reasons Are What You *SpongeJess Aka *RainbowGalaxy10 Aka Jessica Did!

And Yet You *SpongeJess Have A...Audacity And NERVE TO BLOCK ME!

Well...In That Case *SpongeJess...You Deserve A Lot More Than A Simple Spanking And Rude Words...And You Do Deserve Those Two.

Oh And One More Thing *SpongeJess...Don't Try To Hide From Me And Stop Changing Your Names...Because I Will Always Find You My Dear"gives you a evil grin"

Because Your Arts Gives You Away And They Make You Soo Cutely...Predictable.

Muwhahahahaha Oh My Dear *SpongeJess You Can Run...But You Can Never Hide From Me"grins a demonic grin"


My Mood Today Is...Evil,Because Evil Is Fun


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