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Lapis Lazuli

Guys please, I have better Lapis drawings, this one is pretty terrible why is it so popular???
I did not plan on finishing this '-' but I am glad I did honestly cause I wanted to draw her for a long time now
She could me my favorite character but Pearl
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This is super pretty & magical!~ :D
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Thank you so much!! x3

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You're welcome!~ :D
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I love this post you made of Lapis! The blues are intense and her blissful expression is adorable... unlike Saitama-Face Lapis;
Though this was made in 2015 before such events.
Great job!
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XD hahah thank you!
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You’re most welcome!
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Emerald: "An ode to Lapis..."

Emerald: "Lapis Lazuli... You are the best thing to ever come into my existence.. when we first met, I felt an instant connection.. I felt your pain... I loved your beauty... and the fact that we had quite a l-lot in common... We loved each other to death... You made me feel like my old self again... whenever I was feeling down, you were always there to brighten my day with a sweet kiss from your soft blue lips... I will never stop looking for you and the other gems.... *looks up at the sky* It would make my day to have you... and the others back..."

"I miss you dearly, Lapis...."

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This is literally one of the best pieces of art I have ever seen in my life T>T
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omg I'm so glad you think that way even tho I'm not really proud of this I can do better but jkflfl who cares a lot of people seem to really like this!
I really gotta make another piece like this someday
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I ADORE how colourful this is!
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I ADORE that you ADORE how colorful this is! :dummy:
I'm glad you like it!
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Haha, yeeeyyy!!!
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Nice to see her smiling :aww:
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I know right? Her smile must be protected
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Love the style, the angle and the background! Well done :D
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Thank you! ^^ I can do a lot better now tho
Hopefully I come back to this site to post drawings again
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