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Nagi Sanzenin bunny vector solo

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Cutout off the front image of link

My entree  for the 5th Double-your vectors contest.
I wanted to do at least one. After starting 5 different projects this one ended up finished.
I taken a notice comedy manga's sadly seem to lack a lot of detail and background.

.Ai file available on request.

Character: Nagi Sanzenin
Manga: hayte the combat butler
source: chapter 503 page 13
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tobueiHobbyist Digital Artist
Line art: The line work is well done, it is consistent and smooth the thickness varies enough to not give a too perfect look, there is not really much more i can think of to say about this.
Colours: The colouring is good though a bit plain, the shading remains consistent throughout and i think red was a pretty good choice for the bunny outfit.
Technique: This is a good vector it makes good use of gradients for colouring though they do seem a bit flat in some areas good use of blurs and clipping masks to give more depth to the shading in certain spots
Personal Favourite Feature: Probably the shading on the ears.

Overall: This one does not make my top 3, while it is a very well done vector i felt the colouring was a bit plain compared to some of the other entries which are much more dynamic, in terms of its worth as a vector i would rate it mid-high being full bodied character cut-out as well as a full manga panel it has a broader use for wallpapers and prints and the like. Overall great work looking forward to seeing your other entry completed one day.
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NOTE: I started voting this after the other one but started seeing the same problems.

Lineart: The linework is good in most places but there are a few places where it gets thin for no apparent reason, the top of the suit for example.

Colors:  It seems like more could have been done to this with coloring.  The high heels could have used some shading to give them shape, they looked a bit rounder in the original with just a few highlights and gradients.

Technique:  On this image the shading was important and you got it right in the ears yet seemed to removed some in the bunny suit.

Personal Favorite Feature:  The bunny ears, for some reason they feel more 3D than the rest.

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daulHobbyist Digital Artist

Lineart: The linework is good, there are a few places I think the lines converge awkwardly and if you bumped them over a little it will give a little more depth.


Colors5:  The coloring is nice and simple there is depth and I like the simple use of Gaussian blurs well done. I think you forgot some colors in her mouth and there are shading areas that are just flat lines where they should be curved.


Technique (Complexity of the Image such as shading, Gradients, Mesh,): This is a image that has a lot more to it than a simple first glance will give you and I salute you for the blur's clipping masks gradients and color choice.


Personal Favorite Feature: Actually using blurs well.


Overall: You made my top three. This is a quality image and I impressed, great work.