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An Instance
Aleit had settled in nicely on a distant planet with a number of journals on highly theoretical sciences when she felt the shudder through space-time. She shifted in her seat, incredibly comfortable...
That might be a threat to her continued existance, the woman outside space and time decided with a deep sigh. She wanted her eternity in peace and quiet, without some mad scientist messing with it. And the sofa was so comfortable. Well, she'd be back in a second.
The lab was empty aside from a mad scientist and his invention, an invention that was supposed to be capable of doing... Something with time-space. He wasn't quite certain about what it was supposed to do. The thing that brought him back to reality was a groan.
In his supposed to be empty lab.
He turned around quickly. A woman in a heavy coat and diamonds on her face was poking about his bookshelf.
"You have made quite the mess of your personal space-time existance."
She spoke in a bored monotone without looking at him, even as
:iconkyuubi-no-kyuu:Kyuubi-no-Kyuu 3 0
The Party
He was not quite sure what he was doing there. It was a very high class party, but she had said it would be fine. He'd get some contacts at a place like that, earn some friends and be able to move them up in the world. Running a finger around his tie, he wondered if he didn't look as cheap as his suit among the people at this party. They were otherworldly, intoxicating too look at, and moved with an ease that both made him envious and uncomfortable.
Some among them seemed as out of place as he did, though, and that made him feel a bit better about himself. If just a bit. He reached out and took another snack food as the servant passed him with it, relishing it's impossible tastes.
There was one more problem, though.
One of the women had been watching him. She was dressed in the most beautiful and slim black dresses he'd ever seen, and her black hair seemed to flow like silk, a soft smile on her lips as she spoke with one of the men that was slightly out of place. She had a companion th
:iconkyuubi-no-kyuu:Kyuubi-no-Kyuu 1 2
Clarell Again
Clarell Chestre was expecting a busy morning when she woke up. Morning? Well, she didn't know if it was one yet. But she knew that whenever she allowed her little store of curiosities visit the Clockwork Cities, some truly interesting customers would pass her doors. And while she didn't always visit the chaotic world, it was one of her absolute favorite places.
All in all, the day could go horrible and she would still be as pleased as if she had gotten the canary.
A clawed hand turned the sign to stand for open while she got her breakfast - tuna was delicious and she was fond of spoiling herself. Why eat something subpar when you could eat the most delicious foods possible each day?
Clarell was halfway through the second plate when someone entered the smoky store, and her ears perked up.
"Have we done enough, you think?"
The one who spoke was clearly female, both by smell and voice. Clarell resisted sneezing at the strong sense of perfume.
"I'm sure. So, what's with this store, anyway?
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She was tuning her guitar as her brother rushed into her room, almost tripping over one of the random articles of clothing on the floor in her messy, controlled chaos. A moment he paused, eying the sculpted beasts - dragons, griffins, pegasi, winged snakes… - and constellations hanging from her ceiling, giving her room an otherworldly feeling. He knew that those had an odd tenancy to come alive at times to steal hats or be annoyances when she didn’t want to be disturbed, and then there had been the time when one of the planets had fallen down from where it hung…
That had hurt.
He finally takes another step into the room, kicking a bra under the bed, and then another, and then another. He stops to sit down beside her, her eyes meeting his with a slightly startled look at the sudden company.
“Hey, Selena. Wanna talk about it? Your little beast haven’t attacked, so I figured it was okay…”
Her shoulder drop, and a scowl sets on
:iconkyuubi-no-kyuu:Kyuubi-no-Kyuu 1 0
Mature content
Lessons :iconkyuubi-no-kyuu:Kyuubi-no-Kyuu 0 0
A Sunny Afternoon
She had always been the invisible one in the family. Her three older siblings had great careers, her younger sister had married a rich man and her younger brother was the black sheep of the family, so someone as ordinary as her was easily overlooked. Sometimes they forgot to tell her when something good or bad happened, or even when it was dinner. Not even that she had a boyfriend for five years was recognized.
She was used to be overlooked.
They had been walking down the street on the way to their favorite café the one thing that would cause her to be noticed happened. The group seated outside one of the cafés drew too much attention to not be noticed, given that the centre of attention in the grout was a near grotesquely fat man with shoulder-length black hair. He was drinking directly out of the bottle and several beautiful women and men were attending to him. Well, not only him, but also two children and a teen. A black-haired child with red eyes and a mature child in a b
:iconkyuubi-no-kyuu:Kyuubi-no-Kyuu 0 0
A Busy Day
It was one of those days. One of those miserable days when the wind blows the rain under your umbrella, and you end up as wet as you would have been if you weren’t using an umbrella. Perhaps that was the reason Clarell had a busy day, that coupled with the fact that few could leave her shop without buying something as it was always something that was seeking attention.
A man practically tumbled into her shop minutes after she opened it, wet as she would be after a shower. Purple eyes widened, the grin lessened.
“Did you forget your umbrella?”, she questioned.
“No”, the drenched man replied. “Last time I forgot it, it literally rained frogs. I learned my lesson.”
The owner of the shop blinked, then shook her head. “Feel free to look around, you might find something you like. If you need help, I’m here.”
He didn’t question the fact that he only saw her eyes and grin – on top of a shelf at that, and she didn’t q
:iconkyuubi-no-kyuu:Kyuubi-no-Kyuu 1 0
Stella's Life
Two figures wandered the fields, loud arguing echoing through the night air. The mist-like woman gestured with long-fingered hands, occasionally stabbing her finger towards the tall, dark man with horns. The man held a slightly defensive body language, until the woman’s offense dropped, and he could go on the offence. Like this they stood and argued for hours, the fields around them rippling with the magic that had lain untouched for years, if not eons. As they made wilder movements, the magic started to tear apart the landscape, the argument heated…
And in a fit of frustration, both the Queen and the King turned and threw all the magic they had around them at each other. The two waves hit each other and exploded in a flash of bright light.
As the couple kept fighting, they left a baby with their appearance behind them, created in the flash of manipulated magic.
A young child stared down at her baby brother, narrowing her white eyes.
“Mom, dad, do you love Levi more
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Levi by Kyuubi-no-Kyuu Levi :iconkyuubi-no-kyuu:Kyuubi-no-Kyuu 5 0 Pose Study by Kyuubi-no-Kyuu Pose Study :iconkyuubi-no-kyuu:Kyuubi-no-Kyuu 3 0 LEGS by Kyuubi-no-Kyuu LEGS :iconkyuubi-no-kyuu:Kyuubi-no-Kyuu 5 0 Bathing Suit by Kyuubi-no-Kyuu Bathing Suit :iconkyuubi-no-kyuu:Kyuubi-no-Kyuu 2 0 Heart in my Hand by Kyuubi-no-Kyuu
Mature content
Heart in my Hand :iconkyuubi-no-kyuu:Kyuubi-no-Kyuu 4 0
Paperwork by Kyuubi-no-Kyuu Paperwork :iconkyuubi-no-kyuu:Kyuubi-no-Kyuu 6 0 A little Me Time by Kyuubi-no-Kyuu
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A little Me Time :iconkyuubi-no-kyuu:Kyuubi-no-Kyuu 3 0
Spa Time by Kyuubi-no-Kyuu
Mature content
Spa Time :iconkyuubi-no-kyuu:Kyuubi-no-Kyuu 2 0
Stamp - Character Cruelty Zone by Fullmetal-Phantom Comment Stamp by Poiizu .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot Puking Rainbow Stamp by Droneguard HA I'm Copyright Protected by de-Mote Read Before You Comment by LeoLeonardo

Welcome into my colourful mind filled with (mostly) villains! I hope you have a good stay! 8D

Random Favourites

AC Day 5 - A Clockwork Tree by roseandthorn AC Day 5 - A Clockwork Tree :iconroseandthorn:roseandthorn 59 11 AC Day 4 - Snowy Night by roseandthorn AC Day 4 - Snowy Night :iconroseandthorn:roseandthorn 75 14 AC Day 3 - Sheldon Snow by roseandthorn AC Day 3 - Sheldon Snow :iconroseandthorn:roseandthorn 63 10 AC Day 2 - Jolly Old St. Chitty by roseandthorn AC Day 2 - Jolly Old St. Chitty :iconroseandthorn:roseandthorn 64 11 AC Day 1 - Their Too Much by roseandthorn AC Day 1 - Their Too Much :iconroseandthorn:roseandthorn 282 59 AC Day 6 - They're the One's Hiding Under Your Bed by roseandthorn AC Day 6 - They're the One's Hiding Under Your Bed :iconroseandthorn:roseandthorn 157 27 Fanart: Tekken Ling Xiaoyu by Ryleta-Jenna Fanart: Tekken Ling Xiaoyu :iconryleta-jenna:Ryleta-Jenna 16 6 Portal 2: Painting Thumbnails by forte-girl7 Portal 2: Painting Thumbnails :iconforte-girl7:forte-girl7 833 71 Portal: Portals by forte-girl7 Portal: Portals :iconforte-girl7:forte-girl7 4,269 418 GLaDOS x Chell: Companions by oddsocket GLaDOS x Chell: Companions :iconoddsocket:oddsocket 489 140 GLaDOS and Chell by xiaojin67 GLaDOS and Chell :iconxiaojin67:xiaojin67 2,115 287 Portal2 Minidump by Inonibird Portal2 Minidump :iconinonibird:Inonibird 1,242 87 Keep walking, don't stop. by KumoSama Keep walking, don't stop. :iconkumosama:KumoSama 7 7 Game Girl .Under water. by sakimichan Game Girl .Under water. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 30,992 989 Crystal Maiden - DotA2 by Artgerm Crystal Maiden - DotA2 :iconartgerm:Artgerm 14,944 769
Well, here are some favorites of mine.



:iconbcmangaforever: :icontheclockworkcities: :iconloveoc-s:



(I love you KumoSama it was fun) Okay I'll do my best with this but I have no recent pictures so y'all gotta make do with descriptions.

- PERSONA: Your character that represents you.
It depends on the circumstances of what I use me-characters for. I have two main ones.
One I mainly use for times I gotta use a grounded version of me which is- Well, pretty much just vanilla, snarky, dorky me. Tenancy for traps and pranks as main skill.
And the one I use as a representation of me as a creator - me with nine fox tails and a set of fox ears, and a tenancy to use my characters abilities in a watered down fashion. Usually plays messenger and prankster, with over the top pranks and such.
Both are mainly used in doodles and me interacting with my own characters (and self-indulging role plays, for the grounded me).

- GUARDIAN ANGEL: You protect yourself through them, vent through them etc, they keep you strong.
Uh, fuck, this has got to be Jokress of CageTerrance Hollow honestly. As much as she is a complete ruthless jerkass, drawing her in her elegant, brutal glory or writing about her being cruel to vent out frustrations is very helpful, and channeling her attitude (aside from the hole murderess thing) helps me out in a number of little ways.
I did honestly not realize how much I rely on her until now fuck.

- SUNSHINE: A character that never fails to make you smile. Maybe they have bright colours or maybe they're very cute. A character who is your own personal sun.
This is a tricky one because geee- Who is a sunshine who I haven't fucked up and is a nice person, that drops so many people out of the count...
Probably Cynrik Aiden by process of elimination. He makes me smile the most due to how- Well, careless he is. He's a ridiculous dork who happens to be a mad scientist and a vampire and ridiculously fun to draw. Honestly nearly all my characters have something sad or not fun about them, but in Cy's case it just makes him fun (for me, not for his victims).

- SENTIMENTAL VALUE: Okay, now who has the most sentimental value? Maybe a character you received from a friend, or who you have fond memories of. Perhaps they're very old?
So many of them. So so many.
But Nine Shadowsign, mainly. She is in a bit of a rework about her background and situation, but her main core - personality, appearance - stays the same because she is worth so much to me. A very simple design, with a silhouette of a woman with glowing orange eyes, I admit, but that's part of the charm.
Hell I designed an entire species around her so yeah.

- THE FANCY ONE: Your flashiest character! Probably the prettiest one or the one with the most fancy design.
It feels like a cop-out to say Jokress again (she is very fancy damn it) so I'll have to go with someone else... Well, I have a lot of fancy characters. Fuck it, I'll go with two, I got a fancy and a flashy one for y'all.
High Queen Vialii the Gentle. She has a lot going for her as a fancy character - she is inhumanly beautiful, as a Faerie, she is a Queen, she is surrounded by beauty and grand parties, banquettes, balls, and so on, and she dresses in a simple, elegant style. She isn't very flashy in herself, main reason I'm going with two, but the sheer overabundance of riches and beauty she surrounds herself with and her seemingly benevolent behaviour helps.
As for flashiest, it is another Queen - Queen Sidra of the Star Court. A gorgon-like Faerie, with bejeweled snakes for hair, dressing in very jeweled dresses, surrounding herself with glitter and glamour, and very theatrical, she is dramatic, flashy, and expects everyone serving under her to be that or work well in her plays - willingly or not. (Let's just ignore that her "plays" are usually reality she warps into plays of her design).
I was gonna put in Toque but Sidra is far flashier, sorry Toque.

- THE RARE ONE: How about a character you're so surprised you actually managed to get? You probably won't be letting go of them anytime soon!
I have no idea what this means? Adopts? I've never adopted a character-
I'll make do and say Líder de Toque, because this guy. Okay so Toque, my ringleader of O Circo de Almas, was not supposed to be the character he is - so incredibly charismatic and genuine - but a completely different character. But no, he developed completely differently than planned and became this character that is so easy to forget that he's the villain of his story.

- THE FANDOM CHARACTER: You heard me! Everyone's got one, fork them over!
Cogwheel. She's the one I'll admit to.
Cogwheel, "Cogs", Serenity Denzil. Highly intelligent, robotics engineer and inventor, murderer, impulsive as fuck, completely adorable, no sense for taking care of herself, and made to be a Batman villain.

- THE NEWBIES: Okay who just joined your family of characters? Let's see them!
The Doors characters. Okay so this is like- a lot of characters, so I'll bring up, let's say, three. The first, a middle one, and the latest.
Morgana "Morg" Giles went to a different world, one filled to the brim of eldritch abominations, in her own Portal Fantasy. When she was sent back she had PTSD, night terrors, and a lot of other issues, and no longer fits in in her world. Very quiet, calm most of the time, far more vicious than she appears.
Suzanne "Su" Butterfield is another former heroine of a Portal Fantasy, who was an adventurer archaeologist and necromancer. Nearly as many issues as Morgana, but handles them better. Appears apathetic, carries a lot of bottles, and really wants to go back.
Meghan "Meg" Swan had a Portal Fantasy on her own and went from a sweet little angel to a greedy, narcissistic jerk with a heart of gold. Doesn't have as much issues, but had grown used to being nigh invulnerable, and doesn't want to go back as much as she wants her abilities, body, and minions back.

Whelp, that's it. No tagging to be done from meeee, do it if you wanna.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Age: ... ಠ________ಠ
Birthday: 12th April
Sex/Gender: Female
Can: Draw, talk, write, read, Taekwondo, swim, lie (I'm good at it, believe it or not), keep secrets
Can't: Dance, sing, fall asleep before midnight, keep something that ain't mine
Likes: My friends, drawing, roleplaying, being evil/scary, writing, snakes, simple jewelry, reading, the computer, walking, DA
Dislikes: To much to list
Fears: Heights, spiders, blood, knives, loosing my few friends, and (to a certain grade) death

Another thing: If I fav without comment, that means I don't have much to say. I only comment when I actually have something to say. Ok?

"Humans are stupid to be so smart"
"Women are twisted"
"All good men are either fictional, married (taken) or gay"
"You get to be as you are if you didn't become as you should"
"TV-games could lead to world peace. Seriously"

Don't Abuse Keywords by Abfc I Left deviantART Once Stamp by NeilRawson:thumb126436371::thumb118225913::thumb119628604::thumb118945892::thumb120671563::thumb120730630::thumb120672004::thumb118493175::thumb130772692::thumb121037707::thumb123264525::thumb118834113::thumb120624125::thumb119627915: ..Ever Wonder.. Stamp by SailorSolar:thumb187986467: Paranoid Stamp by Abfc:thumb137470146::thumb135923182::thumb135922941::thumb135922679::thumb132018714:
Who Could Resist? by CassidyPeterson

Favourite genre of music: A lot. Circus music, dark carbenet, japanese pop, music boxes... And more.

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