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Screw Loose Vector

Changed the name to "Screw Loose" since i have seen lots of comments suggesting that name, and well, it isnt bad either

Also, i would like to give you all a huuuuge thank you for the big amount of faves.
I love you <3


Barking Ponies are best ponies...
It was kinda hard to do since we only see half of her body
so the tail was improvised.
And the things on her hooves can be seen in like 2 frames when she is running away

Anyway too much text
Enjoy :D
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I used Screw Loose here: [link]
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I made a thing with it. :3

(Linked you as the original vector artist. ^_^)
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The things on her hooves are probably slipper socks. We all had them when I went to the psych ward. I'm not kidding. We weren't allowed to have shoelaces.

Here's the kicker: I brought a few My Little Ponies, and they wouldn't let me have them either! So I could chew off parts and choke myself with them, so what? They should have known that I would not destroy my favorite toy ponies in a half-hearted attempt to off myself!

Just so you know, I got better.
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recent episodes have shown that Screw Loose has made enough of a recovery to move back into her house.
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Everypony's fave psycho horse...
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Nabbed the cutie mark and used it here: [link]

Thanks! :)
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her and discord must of really got it on and she had screwball as a result :) i helped her get out of the loony bin we were trapped in! run away its the men with white coats!
Chrismilesprower's avatar
When I first saw Screw Loose and realized that was Screwball's mom. I became twice as insane. And I passed out. LOL
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Awesome AWESOME work =D
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Thanks so much, I didnt use this I made my own, but it helped a LOT in creating her.


had to make her hair more 'crazy' puffy so it could get stuck in the bottle :)
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Were it not for the cutie mark, I would've thought this to be Shoeshine/Linky gone insane.
weasselK's avatar
Is it me. or there is just more and more insane/crazy ponies lately?
Skeletiel's avatar
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Watch out shes *ahem*

BARKING mad...
i-haz-a-doodle-plex's avatar
She looks like she came from the psyche ward sector of the hospital. lol
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Loose Screw sounds a bit right.
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that crazy pony was the best XD
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I like Screw Loose, that's what I thought of immediately when I saw this. That or Screws Loose.

Awesome vector, looks great!
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I was laughing so hard at this pony when I saw her in the episode.
Screw Ball or Screwy :P
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For a few seconds, I thought it was Trixie, and she'd finally snapped.
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