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Iron Will Vector

Anyway, i liked Iron will design and decided to do a vector of it
Minotaurs are cool man...
As soon as i get an HQ capture of Iron will i will fix some parts of his body that i couldn't appreciate very well on the preview


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:iconironwillplz: IRON WILL APPROVES! And, Iron Will agrees when Mariokonga says Iron Will is awesome.
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I. Love. This. Minotaur.
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I. Hate. This. Minotaur.
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what's wrong with him
Wesdaaman's avatar
What's RIGHT with him is the shorter answer! He gives the worst advice ever!
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Just to let you know, I plan on using this vector in an image I have planned, if that's cool.
ErichGrooms3's avatar
Iron Will should be :iconsaxtonhaleplz: SAXTON HALE!!!
allywayjack's avatar
I kept expecting him to have a line about being world champ XD :iconmrsatanplz:
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He is the best character. Ever.
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That is awesome, may I request for [link] , in that pose which he wants to hear the audience cheer? It reminds many of us of the old WWE legend, Hollywood Hulk Hogan. ;)
Kyute-Kitsune's avatar
I would, but that's already done...
BB-K's avatar
Oh, I see. Thanks for showing me.
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I love this guy! Imagine if he did school assemblies! :P
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I don't give a flying feather what you people say; I know what a minotaur looks like, and THAT'S a minotaur.
Tervicz's avatar
When you see it...
StickMaster5000's avatar
Iron Will:iconsaysplz:Iron Will my name, training ponies is my game!
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I just noticed he is half human o.e

WorldTraveler128's avatar
wait a minute

I-i thought the episode was tomorrow! ;___;
ijustloveit619's avatar
It's just a preview for the episode
WorldTraveler128's avatar
huh oh yeah

sorry >_<
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