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Come at Me-notaur Vector

Im sorry for what i just did with the title >.<
Love Iron will!

Enjoy :D

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His weakness is praise!
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Iron Will collects now!!!
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I just want to punch him in the face
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Iron Will is best one-time character.....ever........I'm sorry Trixie, but Iron Will cracks me up just thinking about him..........
Wesdaaman's avatar
YOu crazy? He's hateful
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I personally pronounce it Mine-o-taur... but this is a very nice vector!
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Iron-Will is the best self-help guru I know XD. I love when he first comes on the stage with the fireworks XD
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Yeap, quite the muscular one like the minotaur myth.

Speaking of that title, I wish I'll made one called Meenotaur, courtesy of I. M. Meen :iconimmeenplz: , the non-pony version of Discord.
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I wanted to vector this one xD
I love him in this episode.
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Seba qlo, a vo te dicen el veloz XD
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Eso no siempre es bueno sabes...
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bhjsdbhfabihsgabihgbigihigeibgagbiegibhjonaebijvakbhbigrgiaga lol
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He pities the haters
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