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No, really, I'm not. The reason I have been "dead" around here is because I have actually been in the process of moving my account (so please don't freak out if you have been removed from my watchlist!).  I know I promised that I would stop changing my name and I am sorry for any inconveniences, but this is an alias that I have not used for quite a long time and I think it's time to drop it, so I registered a new account to further my de-association with this name.  Actually, I registered two new accounts here for organization purposes, kyouton ( and osakan (  So which one should you watch if you do plan to re-add me?  kyouton ( be
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Last night, I went to my first, and last, Harry Potter Midnight Release Party. I'm regretting that I didn't participate in any of the activities that they had available; I wish they had a costume contest, but that was at Borders rather than Barnes and Noble.  At the same time, I felt great because I was getting a lot of compliments for my Cho Chang costume, for which pictures will be posted later from the Order of the Phoenix premiere once they're developed (yes, it's taken that long because I'm so lazy).  I was surprised at how many people were wearing costumes, after the Order of the Phoenix midnight premiere I thought I was going to be th
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Failure. Forgive me for not having "AWEZOME PHOTOSHOP SKILLZ11!!" Not that my works have not been previously deleted at Minitokyo, and in fact, some of the deletions I agree with.  But it seems that no matter how hard I try, I will never have the "AWEZOME PHOTOSHOP SKILLZ11!!" that are required to post anything.  Maybe it's childish of me to feel this way, but it makes me realize how lacking I am in Photoshop.  Still, I can't help but feeling angry because the deletion messages imply that the reason a wallpaper was deleted was because it either violated the policy or had little effort put into it.  Whatever their policy is, wallpapers are so
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Thanks for the watch too
Yup i own it......
dude, srsly, who the hell is makimachi misao? HAJIME IS YOUR FAVORITE CARTOON CHARACTER AND YOU KNOW IT.
Thank you SO SO MUCH for the fav on [link]