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Mega Flygon

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Damage dealing Ground-type moves have no effect on this Pokémon. Cannot be trapped by Arena Trap ability. Takes no damage from Spikes.

It is a Steel/Dragon type (Was Ground/Dragon) with the ability Levitate (Like the normal one). Making it only weak to Fighting types! How is it a steel type? You know how sand make glass, so Flygon live in the desert, so I added red glasses on his wings, feet, chest, tail and his knees. The glass is also unbreakable. The glass making him a steel type

Give most of the credit to :iconxous54: for most of the art! All I did is modify the apperence to make it look like a Mega Form.
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Could I use this design for a fangame?

Credit would of course be given!

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Sure, just link me the fangame, If I like it. I might play it on my YouTube channel

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Thanks :)

Will do eventually, but I don't even have a beta ready yet

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Anyone else think this looks straight off a Yugioh card?
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But wouldn't sand melting into glass make Flygon Rock/Dragon instead of Steel/Dragon?
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Uh, Shallow. I would normally ask you this on discord but can I use this art in a video? Top ten most wanted Mega's or something. 
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Sure, always give me credit
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Vennyriz22Student Digital Artist
Awesome design : D
but if it were up to me, Flygon would get a dual-typing of Bug/Dragon since it's design reminds me of a dragonfly 
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May I use your design for a post on Video Games Amino? It's called "Top 10 Ground Types That Deserve a Mega Evolution". I would love to use your art as an example. On the post, I will give you credit and provide a link to your art.
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SirenofManySongsHobbyist General Artist
Hey! I'm making a most wanted megas list and was wondering if I could use this for it! I can link to you in the description:)
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Go ahead
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SirenofManySongsHobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much!
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TitarioHobbyist General Artist
so badass^^
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This is epic! I wish some of these fake mega evolutions were actually real mega evolutions.
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SantDxHobbyist Artist
gary4wzx's avatar
This is so cool ...
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PolarissbHobbyist Writer
I'm trying to make a fangame. In the event it gets anywhere, I want this thing in it. Is that all right? Flygon is one of my favorites and this is the best looking mega I've ever seen for it.
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Can I see the series of it when its done?
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PolarissbHobbyist Writer
Sure! But that will take a rather long time (we're just starting, and Megas are very, very, very future development), so don't hold your breath...
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Sure! Go ahead!
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SharpEyLogicHobbyist Traditional Artist
HOLY SHIT! This looks freaking insane! Fantastic work!
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