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Dog Titan by KyubiiKaturosako Dog Titan :iconkyubiikaturosako:KyubiiKaturosako 0 0 The Only Zorobane by KyubiiKaturosako The Only Zorobane :iconkyubiikaturosako:KyubiiKaturosako 1 0
Untitled Episode Two
Subject 39, also known as Ersa, was taught to read, talk, and she showed them how she faught. She was against a tree, her claws grew into tallons and she scratched the tree, making more then one mark due to her agility and speed. She looked into the sky, sighing, then goes back to camp. She unfurls her wings and flaps her way to the tree limb, and layed there. She folded her wings against her body as a blanket, and fell asleep not noticing that the flock was watching her.
Max sighed. "Poor kid, I watched her while she bathed today, seems like they tortured her alot more than the other mutants. So many scars, kneedle holes bruises and such..." she sighed again. "Well I was watching her fight, I only saw her swipe once at the tree, but there were many claw marks instead of just one." Fang said silently. Max nodded. Angel frowned. "Shes having a nightmare.. she's twitching in her sleep" she pointed out. Turns out Angel was right, because Ersa was having a nightmare about her being chased
:iconkyubiikaturosako:KyubiiKaturosako 0 0
Unnamed Chapter Episode One
Chapter One;Subject 39
Subject 39 shivered in her sleep on the hard cold cage that could once be her death bed, but unlike all the other subjects- she was diffrent. She had 1% Raven DNA, and 1% Hawk DNA, making her a Avian hybred. She was created somewhat after Max and her friends left the school, made to hunt them down. They had yet to put a tracker in her, but one of the erasers has told the group the new creation a year or so ago. The doors opened suddenly, as a flock of six came into the room. Subject 39 stared, her eyes half closed and have bags under her eyes. She was skinny and over dehydrated. 'Are they here to torture me..?' she thought, and passed out with a loud thud, making the children run over to free her.
She felt the breeze on her skin, making her flinch. She was never outside before.. where did the wind come from. She opened her eyes slowly, wincing as the sun glared into her eyes. She adjusted her eyes, and she could she a few figures hovering over her. "Hey, are you
:iconkyubiikaturosako:KyubiiKaturosako 0 0
MR OC:Subject 39
Name: Subject 39
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black, with bangs being Light Black
Hair Length:Goes to about her knees
Hair Design:Straight Hair, with a natural curl on top of head. Her bangs cover her right eye
Eye Design:Two diffrent Colors
Eye Color Right:Green
Eye Color Left: Blue
Ears: They look elf-like, but are covered in feathers
Species: 2% Avian 98% Human
Avian Breed: Raven mixed with Falcon
Wing Span: 290cm
Wing Colors: Black with brown 2ndary feathers, and white flight feathers
Age: She looks around 5 years old
Skin Color: Pale
Personality: Shy,Gentle,Disabled(Speakingwise, since she was never taught)
Disabilities: Cannot speak due to never being taught. When she meets Max and the others, she is taught how to.
Fears: Fears Erasers and Whitecoats, along with the 'School'
Lives:Right now, School, then she will travel with Max and the others
:iconkyubiikaturosako:KyubiiKaturosako 1 0
Ersa the Tamer by KyubiiKaturosako Ersa the Tamer :iconkyubiikaturosako:KyubiiKaturosako 0 0 Ersaa the Tamer by KyubiiKaturosako Ersaa the Tamer :iconkyubiikaturosako:KyubiiKaturosako 1 0 Child Ersa in MLP by KyubiiKaturosako Child Ersa in MLP :iconkyubiikaturosako:KyubiiKaturosako 1 0 Ersa the Dragon by KyubiiKaturosako Ersa the Dragon :iconkyubiikaturosako:KyubiiKaturosako 0 7 ... Omg by KyubiiKaturosako ... Omg :iconkyubiikaturosako:KyubiiKaturosako 0 0
Warrior Cat OC
Name: Flamekit
Age:1 Moon
Fur: Redish Ginger pelt, with Black Stripes. Has a white Underbelly, paws, tailtip, and eartip
Eyes: Two Diffrent Colors
Right Eye: Blue
Left Eye: Glazed Green (Blind, but can still be a warrior due to better senses)
(Her Better Sense is able to detect paws walking/running/etc before it comes)
Siblings: Ravenkit, Tigerkit, Lionkit, Leopardkit, Jaguarkit, and Servelkit
Clan: Thunderclan, but is currently missing from the clan
Clan Leader: Bluestar (Right when Firepaw comes)
Clan Deputy: Redtail/Lionheart
Clan Medcat: Spottedfur
Mother: Leafwind (Silver she-cat with bright eyes and white paws and underbelly)
Father: Windrunner (Ginger tom with dark blue eyes, white ear tips, tail tip, and Black Stripes)
Older Siblings: Yes
Older Sisters: Firtree, Gingerfall (Firtree has Ginger fur with white eartips, Gingerfall is also Ginger with white paws)
Older Brothers: Elfwood, Tyranttooth, Wingfeather, Blizzardleaf (Elfwood is Dark Brown with black spots, Tyranttooth is w
:iconkyubiikaturosako:KyubiiKaturosako 0 11
Name:Mikasa Airbrone (No she is not Mikasa Ankerman >:I)
Height: 150 cm (10 Shorter than Levi!)
Hair: Looks like Mikasa when she was younger, but a tuff of hair comes from the top of her head
Hair Color: Black, with her bangs being Dark Red
Eye Color: Light Blue
Species: Titan Shifter (Soldier: 104th Training Squad In-Training)
Titan Name: Reptilian Titan
Markings in both forms: 4 Triangle like figure, it is Black in color
Titan Skin Color: Light blue, with the mark becoming a Dark Blue
Titan Eyes: They become Neon Blue, and glow, makign it look like a fire is coming out of it
Titan Ears: Titan Eren/Ymir like but a bit more like a horse
Titan Forms: 7m Form (Four Legged form, Wings) and 14m form (Two legs, no wings)
7m Abilities: Only one that has wings, can breath fire
14m Abilities: Tail tip blade duplicates for greater damage
Special Abilities: When Mark glws, it can create a sword in two legged form, and longer claws in four legged mode
Age: About Mikasa's Age
Born: April First (Sa
:iconkyubiikaturosako:KyubiiKaturosako 0 0
LoZ: Warden of the Sky Prolouge
Ersaa was still sleeping peacefully as her Loftwing, Oso flew to her window. He stuck his head in with a letter, and shreiked, making Ersaa fall onto the floor. She got up. "Oso! You know I hate that!" she said frowning, but laughed. Oso handed her a letter. "Ah from Zelda again..?" she opens it and reads it, nodding. Oso gets his head out the window as she jumps out. He flys to the air as she ran to a jump off. She was already dressed in red shorts, black t-shirt, red sandles, black socks, and of course her scarf. She whistled, makking a loud 'Phheeeet!' sound. Oso shoots down, letting her climb on as he flew upward. Ersaa letted him fly to the goddesess statue, flying over. She waves to Zelda, who waved back. Oso landed on the groudn gently, and knelt to let Ersaa off, then flys off. Ersaa and Zelda hug for a moment.
"Morning Zelda! How are you!" she asked, smiling at her best friend. "Oh im fine! I heard your the goddess for this year though! I made your Sailcloth too, and Ill be as
:iconkyubiikaturosako:KyubiiKaturosako 0 0
Proubly what Ersaa would look like.. by KyubiiKaturosako Proubly what Ersaa would look like.. :iconkyubiikaturosako:KyubiiKaturosako 0 0 Katurosako in Owl Form by KyubiiKaturosako Katurosako in Owl Form :iconkyubiikaturosako:KyubiiKaturosako 0 0 Ersa the Creepy Pasta by KyubiiKaturosako Ersa the Creepy Pasta :iconkyubiikaturosako:KyubiiKaturosako 0 0
For my new series~



Hey I was wondering if anyone could make a better drawing of my Digimon!

Digimon Art Wanted: Plufmon, Solamon, Lynxmon, Alulyxmon, and GuardiaLynxmon!
Trainer art: Nixa Goldeine
All my digimon have a Light Blue color, a Gem on the forehead (Ult and Champ get one on chest also, and the gem is like Dorumon) The last two have stripes, and look on Kokorodramons acc for the looks from my book!

I dont have points/money/etc, so if anyone can do this for free, I will give something back!


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