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Liam And Gabry

I drew a Liam to go with the Gabry I did the other day.
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Oh this is a fav! This is like my otp!❤️❤️❤️❤️😊
tower-junkie-Shark's avatar
I love these two so much, and this is a great pic of them. =)
storm-rao's avatar
They look like they're going on such an adventure~
gaby89229's avatar
Every time I see these two, I feel a fluffy sensation remembering these two in TF2

This is pure awesome coated in a thick layer of awesome sauce :heart:
olivierBR1's avatar
hehe... they somehow remind me of blue sniper and red spy :D
gaby89229's avatar
That makes two of us; My theory is parallel dimensions; I mean, how else is Gabry's ass supposed to be that good if he's not really the same Gabry?
gaby89229's avatar
You know, that the Gabry and Liam from Worst Idea are the parallel dimensional counter parts of the RED spy and BLU sniper from Cuanta Vida?
I think kytri admitted it somewhere...
cozyknife's avatar
that's a sexy coat.
Kien-Lyons's avatar
I have to start reading SP. Now.
0ArmoredSoul0's avatar
There's a happy little twinge in my heart every time I see these two. Keep remembering their TF2 incarnations...
God, I love these two.
Crystal124's avatar
I keep forgetting how tall Liam is, until he's right next to Gabry. XD That man is TALL!
Skylord-Aurora's avatar
My god, that. is. awesome.
whitemage795's avatar
Aww, so cute! ^^
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