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"The Wanderer", by 0laffson, is a beautiful and powerful piece, driving emotion, and pushing deep thought. The art is, quite simply, st...

Page 7 of conflicts, by 0laffson, is a detailed, well-thought-out work. In this piece, he manages to capture the spirit of his characte...

Alcohol and Dice, by 0laffson is a stunning, detailed work. Everything, from the expressions of the characters, to their clothes, to th...

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The Festival of the Lights
    Shadi looked down over the edge of the building and grinned.  Though the fall down was quite intense, four or five stories, the caracal-like Ajshar felt no fear.  She’d been climbing buildings like this since she was young.  Heights were no biggie to her.
    “Shadi!” a voice hissed quietly from behind her.  “What are you doing?!”
    Shadi rolled her eyes and turned around, a large smile across her muzzle.  Behind her stood another caracal-like Ajshar, this one a male with warm amber eyes, instead of Shadi’s brilliant blue ones.
    “Relax, Nasir,” Shadi returned.  “I’m just looking down.  It’s a good four or five stories.”
    She paused, before turning to the edge again.  “Come on!”
    “Come on?” Nasir asked, as Shadi b
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Starsong by Kythl-Moonpaw Starsong :iconkythl-moonpaw:Kythl-Moonpaw 1 0
A Tail of Two Peoples - The Storm
Legends had echoed down through the millennia of the Ch’kiliil’s ancient foes from down south, the ones they knew as the Scalebacks.
Although the Scalebacks had once nearly managed to destroy most of the animal kingdom, they had been passed on as legend for a great period of time.  That is, until they started taking regular citizens as slaves, to work for them in their mines and elsewhere.
The reptilian races were twisted in their domination, capturing all, including the children and mothers.  When they captured both children and mothers, they would split them apart, preventing anyone from having hope and therefore, thoughts of liberty.
A broken prisoner is an effective slave, was their creed as they destroyed the southernmost villages and stole their people.  It was a cruel way of life, but one that worked for these merciless dominators.
What they didn’t know and could not possibly guess, was the fact that their system had a flaw and escape was possibl
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Where Lake Meets the Sky by Kythl-Moonpaw Where Lake Meets the Sky :iconkythl-moonpaw:Kythl-Moonpaw 4 0 The Winter Beach by Kythl-Moonpaw The Winter Beach :iconkythl-moonpaw:Kythl-Moonpaw 1 0 The Lane by Kythl-Moonpaw The Lane :iconkythl-moonpaw:Kythl-Moonpaw 1 0 The Driftwood Beach by Kythl-Moonpaw The Driftwood Beach :iconkythl-moonpaw:Kythl-Moonpaw 2 0 Silverlight by Kythl-Moonpaw Silverlight :iconkythl-moonpaw:Kythl-Moonpaw 0 0 Icy Roots by Kythl-Moonpaw Icy Roots :iconkythl-moonpaw:Kythl-Moonpaw 2 0 Hidden Beach by Kythl-Moonpaw Hidden Beach :iconkythl-moonpaw:Kythl-Moonpaw 3 0 Fireborn Sky by Kythl-Moonpaw Fireborn Sky :iconkythl-moonpaw:Kythl-Moonpaw 5 0 Boathouses by Kythl-Moonpaw Boathouses :iconkythl-moonpaw:Kythl-Moonpaw 4 0 Across the Marsh by Kythl-Moonpaw Across the Marsh :iconkythl-moonpaw:Kythl-Moonpaw 4 0 Ko'sh'arrush (Fan Character) by Kythl-Moonpaw Ko'sh'arrush (Fan Character) :iconkythl-moonpaw:Kythl-Moonpaw 2 3
Ko'sh'arrush (Kozaruth)
Name: Ko’sh’arrush
Name meaning: Grey Morning, Misty Dawn
Why they have this name: Ko’sh’arrush received his name in part to the conditions on which he was born and the colour of his fur.
Name pronunciation: Kozaruth
Nickname(s): Orresh-kin
How they acquired this nickname: Kozaruth was taken in by a human family after a deadly encounter with a bear.  They nursed him back to health and, as a result, Kozaruth has a soft spot for humans.
Do they like said nicknames: Decently
Species: Azara
Gender: Male
Height: 7’4”
Body type: Tatharan
Age: Eighteen
Color pattern/skin tone: Tiger Stripes on grey fur, with a lighter grey underbelly.
Facial markings: Daggered eyes
Mane/hair Color: Grey
Fur type: Short and soft
Eye color:
:iconkythl-moonpaw:Kythl-Moonpaw 1 3
Thunderfall by Kythl-Moonpaw Thunderfall :iconkythl-moonpaw:Kythl-Moonpaw 0 0


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Alright, I know there haven't been sunsets in a few days, but I had a funeral to go to and some stuff to take care of.  Also, the last couple sunsets were boring anyways.  But I'll try to get some stuff up tonight if I can, tomorrow morning if I can't.  Thanks for your patience!


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