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Current Residence: Brisbane, Australia
So I finally made an account. I've browsed around for years not having anything i think is worth of contribution, and whilst nothing has changed to effect that idea in my head I do have a more-than-just-happy-snaps interest in photography.

I've never taken a class in it, but I can trace it back to the first moment I ever had any kind of interest in taking up a better camera and going on a hunt for that perfect shot.

When I was in year 8, so I would have been 12 or 13, I went on a camp to a mountain somewhere on the coast near Brisbane. I forget what its name was, but it had a hiking track up to the top. I remember one morning the teachers got us all up at 4am and "made" us trek up this bloody great hill so we could see it at dawn. It was freezing. It had rained the night before, so all the trees were still dripping wet. I remember a few times we had to stop to get leeches off people that had dropped out of the trees.

Near the top of the hill we rounded the corner and there was a sharp rocky incline with an old chain held by a few rusty old posts that ran up the middle as something to hold on to to climb up. Just above it was the lookout platform, which I don't actually remember. I don't remember the sunrise either, just the scene I snapped on my disposable wind-up kodak camera after I got to the top of the incline.

I was looking down the incline, still damp and slippery looking, mist all over and slowly rising as the sun was coming up, focused on just the rusty pole at the top. It was like nature was slowly but surely removing the only trace of human existence in the shot, with nothing but rocks, dense wet trees and mist in the background.

I remember showing it to my mum when we got the photos back from the shop (cos thats what you had to do in those days, kids) and telling her it was my favorite off the roll. All the other shots I'd taken were the normal out of focus 13 year old snaps of other kids or animals or whatever, I don't even remember, but this one just seemed perfect to me, I was really proud of it. She didn't see it though, heh, I remember her saying it didn't even have anyone in it. I got that about a lot of my photos on future camps too, come to think about it.

Ahh well. I can't find that photo anymore. It's not with the stuff I moved out with, so it might be in a box in mums garage. I haven't seen it for years though, but I can still see the scene in my head like it was this morning. Funny how that works, eh?

Well enough reminiscing, I'm going to use this account to put up only my favorite arty photos. I realise some people will see these and think I'm just another guy with a camera, but I'm not doing it for you, this is for me. My gallery, my choice of shots.


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