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Phoenix Gate

My winning entry for the "Phoenix Gate Anthology" cover contest! "The Phoenix Gate Anthology" will be available at the eighth anual Gathering of the Gargoyles in Montreal! You can pre-order the book from the Gathering website, and find out more about the convention here: [link]

Painter, Photoshop, and traditional drawing

Demona and Goliath are © Disney
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© 2004 - 2022 KytheraOA
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This is too amazing! I just have to have a tattoo of it.
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Errr, alright. Thank you for asking for permission, even if in a roundabout way. I'd like to see photos of it once you get it done. (And if you'd like to buy a print to support me as an artist, and to take in to the tattoo artist to work from, that would be great, too. :] )
Yeah, of course, I'll post a photo of it. But it'll be awhile before I can get it done. Keep up the amazing work!
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Beautiful job on this
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youre welcome
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What if I can use it
- grabs it and tries to do a spell -
nope didn't work :-/
- grabs book and says spell -
what the...
- time travels 5 second back -
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Wow, shininess :crazy:
Seriously, this looks awesome!
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Wow! This is great!
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I can see why it won :D
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I love the design and the look is very polished. Well done!
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You are quite welcome. :nod:
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Phoenix Gate, the mystic item that lets you go back in time BUT can't let you affect anything in the past unless it was "meant by fate" to happen.

That part always confused me about that darn trinket XD, beautiful work though, love how you put Demona's and Goliath's faces on it.
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Wow! Thats a fantastic Pheonix gate!
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