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So recently in my homestate, the Michigan Stat University Campus wa visited by the notorious n' "glorious" Milo Tiannopoulos (grr that name) as a part of his "Dangerous Faggot Tour" (yes, thats seriously what he's calling himself).

The twist in this visit was that Milo and two of his supporters hid among a crowd of anti-Milo protestors, then popped out and revealed himself, threw a sign at someone's face, then hid himself behind a wall of security guards rented for the event, sohis fragile skin wouldn't be hurt by the special snowflakes' meany weeny words. 

But the thing that really ticked me off perosnally was the fact that all News organizations got barred from the event, except for Breibart, which Milo is the tech editor of.  Former editor of Breibart, Steve Bannon, has recently become a Whitehouse advisor for Trump, so make of that what you will. 

Oh yeah, and this event was sponsored by the (unregistered) student organization Spartans For Free Speech...and they barred all the News groups except Milo's.....despite calling themselves Spartans For Free Speech....let that sink in won't you?

The details of this event I read about from the Lansing paper, City Pulse, but feel free to look this up on other sources.  From what I saw, the other sources were just getting triggered at the protestors being "so mean and bully-like". 

I feel this reflects somuch of the BS I've seen from assorted Alt-Right/Nationalist/Gamergate wonks that I've clashed with all over the Internet.  They act so damn self Rigtheous about supporting Free Speech, then quickly block you over dumb trifles, very much like SJWs.  Or they support banning "speech that incites violence", even though the first move of any two bit moral guardian is to try and demolish the "harmless fanatsy" argument. 

Ideally I'd want to support Free Speech, but it feels like no one truly supports it.  Even in America, we got craplike the Zoot Suit Riot where people got beat up just for wearing funny clothes.  Or the Bonus Army getting attaced by Federal troops just for looking too communist.  Or Mormons getting persecuted for their Polygamy.  Or FDR shutting down Charles Coughlin's radio program.  Or Charlie Chaplin getting deported for being too socialist.  Or the Union States deporting Copperheads.  Or thedumb censorship standards that eventually go kablewey after years of no one enforcing them, which leads me to disregard censorship as a serious threat, though I still get annoyed at it. 

This also overlaps with my belief that complete freedom is impossible.  Freedom means :withgout limitation", but human life is all about limitations!  Our physical requirements like eating and sleeping, our various obligations or duties to others, our Moral standards, our very personality and identidy!
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