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-minor color and position adjustments of some buttons

*new quote list:

-8 new characters (Colgate, Flim Flam brothers, Gustave le Grand, Iron Will, Lyra, Queen Chrysalis, Snowflake)

-Applejack (Chocolate milk?; Getalonginist pony; Nope; Yup)
-Big Macintosh (Go away!)
-Bon-Bon (Mine's got rocks in it; Try one of your jokes...)
-Cheerilee (Sweetums?)
-CMC (CMC sleepover)
-Colgate (Me too)
-Flim Flam brothers (2 bits for a barrel?; Cider for all of you; Poor dissatisfied ponies; Put it to the test; Split sweet profits)
-Fluttershy (I said NO)
-Gustave le Grand (Le champion; This is not so; Tres manifique)
-Iron Will (Iron Will's my name...; Somepony tries to block)
-Lyra (I love them)
-Pinkie Pie (I do have a problem)
-Queen Chrysalis (First we take Canterlot...; (giggle); It's all over; More powerful than Celestia; Queen of the Changelings; Reception been cancelled; Ridiculous sentiment; You can run but...; You were saying?)
-Rainbow Dash (touching my hooves)
-Rarity (Gum on their bum...; I'll destroy her)
-Snowflake (YEAH)
-Twilight Sparkle (For Equestria, She's evil; Sunshine, sunshine...)
Only 11 days left until the Diablo 3 release!

I have to update the soundboard before because I don't know what will happen after that ;)

Write your quote requests in the comments here.
Please add some infos like season, episode, character, estimated time.
That would help me alot, thx :3
Working on the Black Rock Shooter vector
I hope you all had some fun so far

Changing my OC pony actually was my little April Foals prank for DA :3

I might remake my OC eventually but I will keep the color scheme and the coffee CM for it ;)

Happy trolling day

Chibi Pinkie and random anime vectors.

Probably some ep23 encoding inbetween :3

Just a little livestream.

Working on a Mass Effect X pony vector right now.

Don't know for how long

- Lowered the bitrate of the clips to 64kbit/s (but increased quality setting to best)

*new quote list:

-1 Big Macintosh (Shmoopy doo!)
-2 Fluttershy (I love your new style; What's the rush?)
-1 Granny Smith (That's what I said)
-3 Pinkie Pie (Can you think inside...; (rimshot); You can call me Pinkie...)
-4 Rainbow Dash (I'm an egghead; KAZAAM; That's it im outta here; This is way too boring)
-1 Rarity (Just because I'm a lady...)
-1 Spike (Yeah just look at me)
-1 Sweetie Belle (OH COME ON!)

These were requests from the livestream's chat. I didn't put any other requests in this update.

Thanks to everyone who was in the livestream :3
I don't know. I haven't prepared soundclips this time.

If some people show up I'll take quote requests for this update (preferable from the last 3 episodes) and cut them.
Pretty boring stuff and my musicz in between woohoo :3
*new quote list:

-3 new characters (Fleur, Fancypants and Granny Smith)

-2 Applejack (I didn't learn anything; Is that a challenge?)
-1 Big Macintosh (No deal)
-1 Cheerilee (My flank was blank)
-9 Fancypants (Eh yes now then; everymare wanting one; introduce me to your friends; introduction; Jolly good to see you; Ponyville? You don't say; worth bumping into; You know the princess?; your ensemle?)
-1 Fleur (expensive taste pony)
-5 Fluttershy (hole in our hearts; I don't mind; I vote for calm; You startled me; you'll just love them)
-8 Granny Smith (asleep 5 hours ago; COURT-MARTIALED; I wouldn't miss it...; I'd forget my mane; Is this thing on?...; military speech; it's not about speed; What did you call me...)
-3 Pinkie Pie (a moment in time; NOPONY BREAKS A...; YOU PINKIE PROMISED)
-4 Rainbow Dash (acting all sappy; cruel joke; immortalized as my friend; RD is here)
-2 Spike (Way to go, little guy; You really like it, huh?)


-nothing, I couldn't find any bugs this time :3

I'll probably lower the bitrate to 64 kbit/s (instead of 80) while increasing the quality to best (instead of medium) in the next update to get the filesize down again :3
This is a little rushed update because I also wanted to upload more clips of the latest episode today :3

*new quote list:

-6 Derpy (anything i can do to help?; don't know what went wrong; nice work; oops, my bad; yeah applejack, woohoo; you okay, rainbow dash?)
-1 Rainbow Dash (derpy)
-1 Carrot Top (well, i never [HAPPY BIRTHDAY GLAZE :3])


-Cheerilees quotes couldn't be triggered by random functions
-Rainbow Dashs „Dundundun" button was one pixel out of place............. and couldn't be triggered by random functions as well
I had all the mp3s of the soundboard on megaupload before.

Now that it's down, I put them up here in my I hope that works :3
I just wanted to increase the bpm range but noticed some bugs -.-

*Increased bpm range to 30-160
*Default bpm is now 90
*Addet 2 new buttons to change the bpm faster

*The "Bang" button only worked correctly when the bpm were set to 60
*The magic glow animation on the mixing table doesn't change speed with the bpm anymore
I'm quite the noob when it comes to vectoring in Flash but I'll stream it anyway ^^

Maybe someone will give me helpful tips :3

I'll probably switch to some gaming later...

-Bon-Bons' 'Nohing to give you' changed to 'Nothing to give you'  [thx Elishia-chan :3]

-Rainbow Dashs' "You're so random" quote had lower volume because I forgot to edit it -.-

There are probably more little bugs like this.
*new quote list:

-4 Cheerilee (break a leg; nothing to give you; wearing their mane back then; what's you got so excited?)
          *probably the most requested side character besides the Diamond Dogs (follow soon)
-3 Discord (arrivederci; oh, for goodness sake; sometimes a lie...)
           *more Discord was also requested alot
-1 Fluttershy (oh, what a lovely compliment)
-1 Princess Celestia (have no fear ponies)
-1 Rainbow Dash (dundundun) [changed "pinkie pie... you're so random" to "you're so random"]
-2 Spike (i wish this party could...; spike want)
-2 Spitfire (hang out with us?; hungry after a show)

*changed some buttons/BGs of multi-color-maned ponies

*the season filter doesn't influence the random functions

*remade almost all season 1 buttons for a better "pressed"-animation

To do for V 8:
*Cheerilees' CM
*more quotes (as always)

Sorry that there aren't more new quotes in this ;(

Merry Christmas! This is my present for you :3
I'm working on the soundboard now and I stream it in a few minutes

I'm just playing some music(metal ^^) while I work on the 8.0 update.
Maybe I'll take some breaks to chat :3
Just a short stream starting right now:
Everypony seams to be livestreaming nowadays...
I think I'll try that too...
I'll play some Skyrim now *!spoilers aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!*
It has only 36 new quotes and not 38 (like I wrote earlier) ;(

I'll start working on 8.0 right after I've eaten something.

Please wait for the 8.0 preview to tell me what quotes I have forgotten in 7.1 :3