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Happy Scratch vector

Vinyl Scratch aka DJ PON-3

EDIT 1: fixed a little error on her glasses
EDIT 2: body and eyelashes addet ^^
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Awww she is so cute great job😊😊

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hey dude can i use this vector in a wall paper im making please????
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Thank you, used here: [link] (Changed the mouth a bit :P )
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Hey there! I really want to spray Vinyl's head onto a guitar amp. Would it be ok if I used your image please? (If anyone asks, I'll point them to you. ;) )
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Thank you! Used here: [link] =)
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I made a Geeklet clock with this. Hope you don't mind.
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One of my favorite Unicorn types.
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im gonna use this on the game osu! if thats ok. 8-)
(btw osu! is a game and id use this for part of the desighn)
Mind if I use this in a YouTube background?
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"I'm angry"
Nah, just lookin' for some vectors. This one's good, but all that I need is Octavia driving a Škoda 445 Octavia.
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Hey, can I use this vector in a youtube template? :3
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I used this awesome vector to make [link] , and credited you, is this alright?
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Yes, nice work btw ;)
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Would it be okay if I kind of used this as a base? I'm trying to get better at vectoring and it would be helpful if I had something to kind of mirror for awhile.
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Awesome, thanks!
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