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One Day I'll Fly AwayMr.Snookums called upon his deep inner hidden powers to unleash "Mc.Tashie", the spirit name of his moustache. His moustache grew into elongated wings, upon which he gracefully flew high into the clouds. Fulfilling his dream of escaping the harshness of this world.

Pudding inside a Pudding! Poor little Sir.Pudding watched on in amazement. Pudding was cursed with weakness, greatly lacking physical strength. Denied the luxury of flight but plagued with the desire to escape the Matrix, he had no choice but to resort to physical means... Here he has grasped some balloons and takes off to the sky to find both freedom and his long time friend Mr.Snookums. Good luck Pudding. I wish you well. 

The two close friends are now separated. Both lost in a world that knows no end to its own cruelty. What will happen to them?…
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This is so adorable!
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Such a tragic tale ;o; I hope Pudding will reunite with Snookums someday!
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Hmmm, that's absolutely great ! It's a story! I love this brilliant idea and pictures! It is exciting! Wow! Ķeep on the good work my dear friend! :iconflyingheartsplz::iconflyingheartsplz::iconplzhug::iconflyingheartsplz::iconflyingheartsplz::iconmusicnotesplz::iconsingingbirdplz::iconpianohappyplz::iconsingingbirdplz::iconmusicnotesplz::icontinyrainbowarmy::icontinyrainbowarmy::icontinyrainbowarmy::icontinyrainbowarmy::icontinyrainbowarmy::icontinyrainbowarmy::icontinyrainbowarmy::icontinyrainbowarmy::icontinyrainbowarmy::icontinyrainbowarmy::icontinyrainbowarmy::icontinyrainbowarmy::icontinyrainbowarmy::icontinyrainbowarmy::icontinyrainbowarmy::icontinyrainbowarmy::icontinyrainbowarmy::icontinyrainbowarmy:
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Thank you, my friend. :heart::iconlarollplz: