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KyrNovaArt Mascot! by KyrNovaArt KyrNovaArt Mascot! by KyrNovaArt
This is my mascot who's supposed to represent me. Her bio: Her name is Niela Ranzer, she is 15 years old. Her personality: Cheerful, Introvert, Kicks people in the shins when shes annoyed or angry and the kick is VERY powerful, gets annoyed easily, likes her privacy, dense, oblivious sometimes, very weird. She was born in Crishmin, Alemstrias (made up town and country in a world called Esteris). She is a Galaxy Phantom and designed her clothes to represent more of her power, she has a tail but hides it most of the time because she wants to look like a human being, she is also supposed to have cat ears but I forgot to draw them and was too lazy to draw them. her tail is purple and has a little fluffball at the end of it. Galaxy Phantoms are very rare and the only people who know she is a Galaxy Phantom are: Kyrinnia (Kai - Rin - nia), Aki, and Transal (Transal is a girl). Being a galaxy Phantom is very powerful as well. I have not created much of a backstory except for that both her parents were brutally murdered and she was taken in by Kyrinnia's parents. Since then she has been the best of friends with Kyrinnia and she also met Aki. Currently she is in the Crystal Phoenix Regiment, Squad 1, in the Alemstrian military to continue the legacy of her parents. (END OF BIO! (for now))
PopgirlPlayzYT Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2018  Student General Artist
Woah she looks amazing! The art style looks so much like FlyingPings! I wish I could draw like that! Or my OC is drawn like that. :D 
KyrNovaArt Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It looks like FlyingPings's because, well... Her art style has inspired mine and it feels much easier!
PopgirlPlayzYT Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2018  Student General Artist
Aww thats nice! I'm learning how to draw anime because of FlyingPings! She is truly an inspiration!
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