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Welcome to Kyrja Haven!

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This group is dedicated to the Closed Species that reside in the Other Realm. Kyrja are loosely inspired by the Valkyries of Nordic myth, the Rasja are inspired by the Keres of Greek myth, and the Djanni are inspired by the Djinn of Middle East myth and religion.

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These are CLOSED SPECIES by dayaja - Please do not make your own. Thank you.

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The Other Realm is a world outside of Earth, it floats somewhere in between on another plane, and humanity is unaware of its existence. Within this realm of smoke, many species live and thrive, each with their own unique culture and purpose.

Three thousand years ago the Other Realm was threatened by the Myrk, a race of violent creatures that sought to destroy the Other Realm and all of its inhabitants. The Kyrja, together with the Djanni, were able to seal the King of the Myrk, Uther, into the deepest depths of the Northern Oceans. With their king gone, the Myrk were killed or all escaped to different worlds and realms, intent on rescuing their leader.


:bulletpurple: The Kyrja have settled all throughout the realm, building beautiful cities and towns and establishing governance and peace with their fellow inhabitants. The Kyrja are intuitive and magical beings and they use their powers over the elements and their censers to help souls pass on and protect all beings. Kyrja are assigned familial lines and often grow very fond of the families they protect and assist. Some Kyrja even assume human form so that they can mingle with their families, befriending them and keeping a close eye on them that way.

They are a matriarchal society ruled by Queen Oriannah and her Consort, Leopold. The two of them have four children, the Crown Princess Renata (Nattie), her twin brother Prince Caelius (Cae), Prince Regulus (Reggie) and Princess Livia (Liv). The royal family lives in the capital city of Tym on Kadia Continent (…) where they are beloved and active. Oriannah is a very visible queen, she enjoys interacting with her people and learning about them.

Kyrja are very affectionate with the ones they love and they do marry, but they also can have multiple relationships.

Each Kyrja has a predisposition for particular element based magic, which are broken into Factions (…). Kyrja from the same family can all be part of a different faction. It is rare, but occasionally a child is born with two factions and can wield both elements.

They eat and mate the same way humans do and enjoy many pleasures and luxuries. Some Kyrja can even be quite hedonistic.
There are many climes and cultures within the Other Realm, meaning Kyrja dress and adorn themselves in endless ways. They can be tall or short (Though typically no shorter than 5’ and no taller than 8’5) curvy, slender, heavy set, etc.


:bulletblack: The first Rasja was once a Kyrja of the royal family, Oriannah’s great aunt, Bellona. She was a fierce warrior and led many successful battles against the Myrk. When the Myrk left the Other Realm, she argued to go after them, an argument her mother refused. Angry and with no avenue to release her anger, Bellona grew moody and volatile. It was early one morning, while Bellona was pacing the gardens of the castle, that the first Rasja was born. Worried about his younger sister, Prince Gaius approached her. She lashed out, killing him with a dark power she had never seen before. Devastated at what she’d done she sank to the ground and covered her face. She was found that way by castle employees, her once lovely gossamer wings had disintegrated into an inky black smoke and her horn had grown uneven ridges. When the Queen arrived and approached her daughter, Bellona finally looked up, her once violet hands had turned black and her censer had cracked and fallen onto the hard cobblestone path. The Queen knew her daughter could not be saved. With heart heavy at the loss of two children, she banished Bellona to the Rvaaki Continent, once home to the murderous Myrk.

Bellona despaired at being alone and spent a century in solitude, too ashamed to disobey, and too heartbroken over the death of her beloved brother. After a century, a handful more like her arrived. Each, like her, had killed a fellow Kyrja. Others, had committed crimes against the very essence of Kyrja, smashing their censers, murdering or controlling humans, atrocities for which there was no forgiveness. They began to establish a community, rebuilding the ancient Myrk capital and naming it Raasi. They took the name Rasja, determining that they were too different to continue being called Kyrja, and they bred and grew in population. As they grew they began to understand that balance was needed in the world, with the disappearance of the Myrk, Rasja were needed to ensure equality of light and dark. Through practice and experimentation they realized they had power over corruption, they could corrupt pure souls, and they could inspire terrible emotions like jealousy and rage. They used these powers on the humans, taking souls for their own and using them.

Despite their powers over corruption, Rasja are not purely evil beings. They exist because they must and they do what they are meant to do. It took centuries, but Kyrja and Rasja came to an understanding of sorts. They started trading with one another and settling in more diverse areas. Bellona still rules the Rasja and she is proud of her Great Niece and all that she has accomplished in her rule. Though Bellona rules the Rasja as a default, she employs 5 generals who do the true ruling, as she prefers to be more of a figurehead at this point.

Rasja do marry and fall in love, and can be quite affectionate. Many Rasja are hedonistic, enjoying all things in excess.

There are many climes and cultures within the Other Realm, meaning Rasja dress and adorn themselves in endless ways. They can be tall or short (Though typically no shorter than 5’ and no taller than 8’5) curvy, slender, heavy set, etc.


:bulletblue: The Djanni are a powerfully magical and ancient species that share the Other Realm with the Kyrja and Rasja. They do not interact with humans, having been enslaved by them for millennia. Many Djanni have manacles secured about their wrists, some even have chains attached. The manacles signify that the Djanni was once enslaved by a human and forced to grant wishes. Only manacles means they were only in servitude for a brief time, one chain link represents a century. There are Djanni with chain links all the way down to the floor.

Djanni originated from the Cianissi Desert on the Kadia Continent, but have now spread throughout all of the Other Realm. They have a rich and diverse trade with both Kyrja and Rasja and are highly regarded by both. Some Djanni who prefer to remain outside of main society live within the many ruins scattered throughout the Other Realm, reveling in the remnants of past and forgotten species.

They are governed by a clan system, each clan has a ruling family which all make up a high council located in the city of Ssiassin. There are six clans of the Djanni encompassing six different elements. While Kyrja are “good” and Rasja are “evil”, Djanni are the true neutrals, preferring not to attach emotions and morals to everything and everyone.

Their powers are stored in their gems, powerful receptors that cannot be damaged and exist as part of the Djanni’s body. A Djanni’s powers are vast and frightening, but since the Great War with the Myrk, they have had little reason to use them.

Djanni do marry and fall in love, and are very affectionate with one another. Inter-species relationships between Djanni and Kyrja or Rasja are not uncommon either. Djanni of the higher classes can sometimes be married to secure political advantage, if that is the case and love does not blossom between the couple, lovers are often taken.

There are many climes and cultures within the Other Realm, meaning Djanni dress and adorn themselves in endless ways. They can be tall or short (Though typically no shorter than 3’ and no taller than 7’) curvy, slender, heavy set, etc.


:bulletyellow: Dym are precious little cat-like creatures composed of smoke and magic. They do not need to eat but they do love treats. Their powers are limited to being able to maintain a corporeal form or travel as smoke. Their numbers were decimated in the Great War but they are slowly starting to rebuild through dedicated breeding programs sustained and funded by Kyrja, Rasja, and Djanni.

They are beloved little pets who are cherished by those that own them.
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