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I have all of my recent work there and try to post every week.
title tells all
I have been gone ten days due to my youth choir. We wwent to NYC. Thanks for being patient with me :)
Should I only upload finished works or should i sometimes upload WIPs of digital paintings?
SOPA has decided not to censor the internet!!!!!
To end retarded blackout!…
A virus infected my computer and it outsmarted me. The virus poses as a XP antispyware thing. It gives you the option to scan or buy. I hit scan... Which releases the virus and corrupts alot of things. When it was done it gave me the option of fixing it, and I hit fix which destroyed it. All my stuff was gone..., But my dad the genius that he is, saved some of my stuff: All my art, Photoshop,Microsoft Excel,word and powerpoint, and some of his and my mom's files. I might not be uploading alot of stuff because my scanner was kind of screwed up. WHEN YOU HAVE IT DONT EVEN HIT SCAN. It also poses as other security software look it up for more info.
Well obviously... Anyway, those arts have been in my pictures buried and i finally found them and put them on, so sorry for the spam >.> Also i want to apologize for the jesus whacks to the face, as in alot of religous digital art. I just like to give my relatives religion related stuff instead of my normal. I'll put more of my epic art on after or right before christmas.
Well more snowy digital art. They are going to be presents for relatives and what not. One of them is xX-Gaurdian-Xx. I might take requests but im not sure.

                              thanks 3 watchers!
Should I? Well my story is about this werewolf and she's been tortured almost all her life but then a man comes to the shelter of the supernaturals and  She is looking to tame the werewolf and teach her about what to do and how to keep it chained.
I have been inspired to make each one of my art peices atleast have some kind of meaning long descriptions will probably be bundled with that and i have now Decided to take requests
Thanks to my 3 watchers!
Yeah more traditional art...
sorry i havent been uploading things my scanner is being a jerk >.> (I would say meaner things but im trying to stay nice here :)) I have been drawing and coloring so dont worry i got this.
Too bad i cant do them :(
I would but i cant stay focused long enough... I go to youtube and listen to songs, i get distracted. I'm actually in the middle of a piece right now. Heh o well ill be more controlled when im older :D
Welcome to my channel the art in the back of my gallery is when i knew nothing about PS. Which is the program i use in my digital paintings.
i haven't posted art because...I'm lazy but school started a week ago so im really kicking it in gear. In my private art class, im working on a 40in by 30in canvas its a really cool piece.
srry i have not been uploading anything. i have been drawing. I just have been on vacation and im too lazy to scan anything but im gonna pick up the slack.
i havent uploaded anything in 2 DAYS! >.> I have been working on stuff but its in WIP still i might just upload everything at once once i finish them. One of them is a collab with my dad.
im drawing something with pencil and it looks SOOO good it feels good to actually have GD lineart...
i've been working on a dragon its one of my bests of course done with my tablet i got yesterday.
I have edveloped a new realistic shading technique i think u will like it :D