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:iconkyrifian:Kyrifian posted a status
Lil-Carrot was about to explode.
There he was, watching StarBright preform from backstage when he noticed a larger fan grabbing at StarBright's ankles. He always told StarBright that it freaked him out whenever he would step and bend down so close to fans like that for highfives, but he never listened. He loved the attention.
StarBright had been skipping along the stage as he normally does when said fan reached out and wrapped his hand around the popstar's boney ankle, yanking him to the floor of the stage. Lil-Carrot's eyes widened in horror as his boyfriend was thrown to the ground, the loud yelp falling from his lips broke Lil-Carrot's heart. Ignoring the guards calls for him to stop, Lil-Carrot charged out onto the stage . . . . .

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