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:iconkyrifian:Kyrifian posted a status
How the gang reacts to flirting!!!!

Kyrifian: *snickering* "Oooohhoh tell me more." *Terra kicks him*

Lil-Carrot: Gets super nervous and rubs the back of his neck a lot. He also licks his teeth when he's nervous. "Y-you really think that?"

StarBright: *giggling like crazy* "You're so sweet! Ahaha-But I own Lil-Carrot's ass so I'm obviously taken."

Terra: A freaking blushing mess

Festival: " like candy? I've got candy. ;3"

Tarot: "I don't understand."

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AzaniyaBowing Featured By Owner May 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tarot is me...
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