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:iconkyrifian:Kyrifian posted a status
You guessed it. More best friend adventures! A late Halloween one.
(Yes, these are actually things that really happen XD)

Me: *skipping in my cat costume* "I'm so exciteddd oh my god!"

Him: "Aren't we a bit old for this?"

Me: *playing with my bell necklace* "Huh? What, no. We aren't."

*we walk up to a house with a bowl of candy and a sign saying "please take one"*

Me: "Sweet, a bowl! They mean one handful right?" *I grab some candy and dogs run up to the door and start barking* "Whoa! Big doggies!" *I turn to look at him* "Bro, did you see how cute they we-"

Him: *screaming and running down this person's driveway*

Me: ". . . ."

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