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:iconkyrifian:Kyrifian posted a status
More best friend adventures!
Me: 5' 5" Him: 6' 3"
(Note: he's younger than me)

He and I are walking in the upstairs part of Dillards. It's so quiet up there, you can hear a ghost fart.
And we were alone.
. . . Or so we thought

Me: "Oh my god, all of these clothes are hideous."

Him: "Shut up, child. You dragged me into GameStop so now I get to have my fun by dragging you here."

Me: "It's so girly in here though! I need to back to GameStop to wash it off."

Him: "Shut up or I'm taking you to Claire's!" *sifting through clothes*

Me: "Dude, shh. It's so quiet up here, keep your voice down."

Him: "Don't tell me what to do!"

Me: "I'm older so I can tell you what to do!"

Him: "Oh? Well I'm taller so I don't have to listen to you. Besides, you're so short, I can't even hear you."

Me: "Well I'm at the perfect level to punch you in the junk!"

Him: *leans down* "Oh really?"

Me: *I pinch his nose* "Get outta my face, loser." *I start to walk away from him*

Him: *runs up behind me and slaps my behind*


Him: "....shhh it's so quiet in here. Keep your voice down."

Me: "One. I hate you, and two. You're buying your own StarBucks now."

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