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:iconkyrifian:Kyrifian posted a status
Another random best friend adventure. At the beach!

Him: *putting sunscreen on his face* "Callie, you know I hate the beach. Why the hell are we here?" (He's very vulgar XD)

Me: "Shut up and enjoy it, dude. We're only here for like six hours."

Him: "Six hours?!? I'm gonna burn!! Anyway, did I get it all?"

Me: "Shut up. And no, you've still got some white around your nose."

Him: "Okay, thanks!" *rubbing his nose* "Am I good now?"

Me: "Nah, still got some on your cheek and forehead."

Him: "Oh really?? Okay." *rubbing his face* "Okay, seriously. How about now?"

Me: "Bro. You've been white this entire time." *snickering*

Him: "...."

Me: "...."

Him: *releases some epic battle cry and tackles me into the sand*

He pulled that trick on me when we were younger so I HAD to return the favor!!

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