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:iconkyrifian:Kyrifian posted a status
Update on Kyrifian's life.

I'm typing with one finger.
I'm drinking medicine.
Still sick but I feel a lot better than before.
I tried duck today. Tastes horrible.
I currently have duck in my braces.
Bout to take me driver's test.
Still no inspiration.
Duck sucks.
That rhymed.
Chinese food is good, but duck sucks.
Tastes like rotten tuna.
Tuna is good, duck is not.
Did I say I don't like duck.? Cause I don't.
You're amazing if you read all of this.
Ducks are pretty but they taste horribly.
I've decided that I no longer wish to be adventurous with my food.
Saw a lot of hot guys today. Always a good thing, yees yees.
I'm running out of things to type.
My dog is amazing.
He gets it from me.
I'm a fox, hear me RIBBIT!

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