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Liyo, Juniper, and Luca~ by Kyrifian Liyo, Juniper, and Luca~ by Kyrifian
"Kyrifian! You already posted these! What the heck?" Yes, well I changed some shit up so here we go!

Ready, setty, goey! Headcannons and facts about these pretty boys!

Starting off with Liyoh: The Cat~

He's 15

Very smol

Seems angry all the time but he's just tired



His smile cures depression (whenever he smiles, that is)

Has a crush on Juniper but doesn't want anyone to know

Videogame god


Snorts when he laughs

Stutters a bit

Tons of voice cracks

Actually very shy

Hides behind Luca most of the time

Quiet most of the time

He's one of those boys who goes completely silent when he's angry. If he's dead silent, you know you messed up.

Eats tons of junk food

Manners? What manners? This boy's an animal

Plays baseball, very good

Doesn't know his own strength

Loves fish

Picky eater

Kinda bratty if he doesn't get his way.

(I'll probs add more at some point)


Ohh this boy is so sweet

He's 19!

"May I carry your bags? No? O-okay...are you sure?? They look heavy."

Nature freak

Can speak to and understands animals/nature

"Oh my gosh, Luca! Don't that around the trees! They have feelings too you know!"

Very shy at first but once he feels comfortable around you, he'll talk your head off

Has anxiety

Loves pretty much anyone

He's Luca's rival

Beautiful singing voice "Anything Luca does I can do better~!"

Those are his lucky goggles, he even sleeps with them on

Gives great advice!

He is very playful and competitive

Super loud

Also a videogame god, this pisses Liyoh off because "there can only be one videogame god" .

Artistic! Very much so! Loves painting!

He loves sweets and sugar in general.

Super hyper!

Hates soda

Worries too much

Has an adorably geeky laugh

Says stuff like: "Cool beans!" Or "Dude that was bomb!" (Heh me)

Hates the Winter, only loves Summer and Spring

Oblivious to flirting

Such a good noodle, omfg

Never curses.

Very sweet and helpful

(Again, probs gonna add more at some point)

And finally last but certainly not least, Luca! The Bunny ♡

He's 19 as well

Juniper's rival

Calls Juniper June June

Calm most of the time

Likes to play rough ;)

He picks fights with Juniper to have an excuse to be close to him

Has a HUGE HUGE HUGE crush on Juniper

Already has a ship name for them: Luniper

He has a journal and he's written Luca Ryland over and over in it.

He stutters around Juniper a lot

He bit Juniper once and the outcome was kinda interesting





Very loving though

Super smart!

Very confident in himself

Has one of those soft raspy voices (Kinda like Keith Kogane's)

Over protective


If you have a nickname from him, he loves you! (June June and Emo)

He picks on Liyoh by calling him Emo

Can and will kill you if you hurt his boys

Cheeky and smiley

Laughs a lot!

Flirtatious AF


He's the guy who moans really loud on purpous whenever someone is on the phone

(Gonna add more I'm sure)

These three are best friends (and possible lovers...)

Liyoh, being the youngest, is the usually the main target for being picked on. Luca always picks at him but Juniper will always step in when enough is enough. They're almost always seen together everywhere. Juniper is the peace keeper of this trio because he never likes it when his two closest friends are fighting.
Liyoh looks up to Juniper as an older brother figure. Juniper takes great pride in that!
Luca has been titled "Team Perv" because of how he can act around Juniper. Juniper always tries to shake Luca off but deep down, he definitely feels something for the boy.
Liyoh just wants them together already, despite his small crush on Juniper.

In the end, they are the ultimate bro trio! Always smiling, laughing, making fun memories, and just being dorky teenage boys together. ♡

Liyoh: "Wow if you read all this, you're insane."

Juniper: *gasps* "Liyoh! Be nicer to them! Excuse him...if you really did read all of this, thank you so much! It took a while for me to put together so I really am thankful!"

Luca: "You wrote this?? You locked yourself in your room to write all of this? Wow! S-so cute..."

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wulfguts Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Kyrifian Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you, sweetie! ! ♡
AzaniyaBowing Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aaaa there all sooooooo cute!!!
Kyrifian Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thankies sweetheart!!
AzaniyaBowing Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
They are really cute though!
Kyrifian Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aaahhaaa thank you thank you! QwQ
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No problem lil Rif!
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