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Adaptive Translucent Taskbar (18.11.2019)

This will deactivate or activate the Translucent Taskbar depending on whether you have a maximized window or not.

For the Translucent Taskbar options, like blur/no blur or whatever, go to the original Translucent Taskbar post that can be found here.

How to install:
1)Download and install Rainmeter from
2)Download the skin. (the download button is close to the top corner of this page. Simply scroll all the way up and look on the Right of your screen for the download button.)
3)Run the file you just downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions. Enjoy! :) (Smile)

Any other questions ask below.


(Latest) V.18.11.2019: Updated the file because last time I forgot to include the pixel color plugin, sorry.

V.4.5.2019: Updated the plugin per the original plugin creator above for, probably, multi-monitor support.

V.18.10.2018.2: Basically changed how the whole thing works and now it will work for every resolution without changing anything. +Oversimplified the skin in general.

V.8.10.2018: Fixed an issue where the skin wouldn't load after restarting your PC.

V.7.10.2018: Now the skin will automatically locate the position of your taskbar and will load the correct skin.

V.4.10.2018.2: FIXED "You need to open the "Settings" manually to set your taskbar's position. (Only the first time)" Now everything works automatically, you just install the skin and select your taskbar's location

V.4.10.2018: Added support for taskbar's that are not on the bottom. Just go to the "Settings" config and select your taskbar's location.

V.23.9.2018.3: Cleared some code and made the skin respond x2.5 faster. Please download the new version.

V.21.9.2018.3: Forgot to make a change in the previous version so now everything should work again!

V.21.9.2018.2: Renamed the folder to match the described title. Cleared some code. 

V.21.9.2018: Fixed an issue were the skin would not install automatically even if you had the latest Rainmeter version. 

V.20.9.2018: Realized that only the top-left corner would decide for the task-bar. Now all 4 corners decide so it works correctly, sorry for that :) 

V.1: Release Version.
© 2018 - 2021 kyriakos098
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I don't quite understand fully how the whole coding works but, is it possible to make the adaptative translucent bar to just deactivate the translucent bar and keeps the windows theme when we open a full screen window? So instead of having a black bar, can we have like the windows theme we choose in the settings?

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it stops working as soon as i click the windows button. any future updates?

i'm using the latest windows ver.

How to increase update/refresh rate so the change in maximized or desktop can be detecte quickly?

Yeah I am wondering the same thing!

Too bad admin has abandoned this project. If the dual monitor support was fixed this would be the best rainmeter skin of all time.

Right now if Main monitor is maximized, the second monitor has it darkened too.

And another problem is if you maximize on the secondary monitor, it doesn't make it translucent. Right now there are some problems with multi monitor support from the download link release (10/2018)

Yes, it flickers sometimes from static Windows color to translucent. Can you upload the latest version for multi monitor support?

Πολυ καλή δουλειά! Ευχαριστώ :)

where can i get V.4.5.2019 multi monitor support version

Annotation 2020-01-29 230253

when not transparent it should be semitranslucent (default) rather than wholly black.

Annotation 2020-01-29 230115
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yeah unfortunately this is a limitation of the plugin made by arkenthera

This is actually really useful because with the original Translucent Taskbar if I was in a browser I couldn't see the time or date without minimizing. This should be called

Translucent Taskbar 2.0

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Hey guys, sorry I was offline for a while. I see I had forgotten to include the pixel rgb plugin the last time. I updated the file now.

I don't know if it's a bug or not. But after I update my Windows 10 1903 to 1909, after I click the "Start" button, the program stops working

Download " from

Extract "PluginPixelColor/x64/Release/PixelColor.dll" to "%appdata%\Rainmeter\Plugins".

Goto the Rainmeter control panel and hit "Refresh all".

Unload all of "AdaptiveTranslucentTaskbar" before loading it back.


is there a way to fix the issue where if you press the windows button it stops working and have to refresh it before it works again?

Sadly I have the same problem as many before...

When I load the skin my taskbar becomes black (on all my screens) and whether I set something on fullscreen or not on any of those screens it stays black. Only think that makes a difference is opening Windows's start menu which turns the bar back to it's normal colour but oinly on the screen I opened it on and to get the bar back to black I have to refresh the skin.

What is strange is that it had been working for me for months without a problem but I had to do a fresh install of W10 and it's been since then that it malfunctions.

Btw I downloaded the skin from here a couple of days ago so it should be version 4.5.2019 but the skin is still called "version: 18.10.2018.2" somehow

Lastly I do have an error "Cannot find function: PixelRGB" altough I downloaded the PixelColor Plugin from the link Amiraizat124 provided, I unzipped it and copied the whole file to Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\@Vault\Plugins.

The plugin doesn not appear in my list of external plugin though.

you paste at the wrong location

try paste at this location: C:\Program Files\Rainmeter\Plugins

and you just need to copy the dll file

you can refer to my previous comment

Doesn't work.
Error: Cannot find function: PixelRGB
Windows 10 1903

Give it a try. Go to this link and download the plugin.

Mine work after downloading this plugin
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