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Shipboard Romance - WIP

Captain Malcolm Reynolds and Inara Sera from 'Firefly' and 'Serenity'
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Shipboard romances complicate things though ;)
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I have a bit of constructive feedback on anatomy. Mal's jawline is one clean curve, which makes the face look really odd. A jaw hasa part that makes a much sharper angle, and it is really bugging me. I noticed a little bit of this with Inara, but the hair really hides it and it looks fine.

Other than that, I love both the emotion and the way you colored them. The coloring has an almost watercolor feel to it, which really captures the soft mood.
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thanks for the feedback, i'll keep that in mind!
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How gorgeous is this? Amazing work!
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thanks so much! :D
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Awesome possum!!!


OMG...Mal and Inara...:blushes:

Amazing...really, really

What application did you use? Photoshop? Illustrator? Paint?
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awww thanks so much!

I totally love you for using the phrase "awesome possum"

I draw with just regular pencil and printer paper, the coloring is done in photoshop though. ^_^
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Aw this is fantastic! Love it.
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thank you very much, i'm glad you like it :heart:
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You're welcome!
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oh wow, this is very good; you got them down very nicely. (:
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thank you very much :heart:
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Ooh, I really like this! You got Mal and Inara really well, and I love the different backgrounds.
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aww <3
this is amazing :)xx
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thanks so much! :D

it was totally a selfish piece. I have such hardcore love for them :heart:
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