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all i live to do is...


a few nights ago, two to be precise i had a major scare. i was terrified that i had my future taken away from me...

as fate would have it, i turned out to be okay and that took a giant weight off my back but then very shortly back on.

what have i been doing in my life ?
ive stopped living,
stopped being who i am and just gotten into the lull of nothingness.

if i had passed away now, i would be so filled with regret.

so, the long thought of tattoo which was in the back of my mind sprang up and i realised, fuck this, its time to live.

so, today i went got my tattoo.

a lesson to me ,to start living again and never stop creating


Tattoo by Kevins Tattoo's at Brightwater Commons
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876x496px 224.53 KB
Canon EOS 30D
Shutter Speed
1/200 second
Focal Length
50 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Oct 30, 2009, 1:26:41 PM
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Does the font of your tattoo have a name? I really like it. It's very bold, yet very simple at the same time.
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Awesome, thank you!
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I want to get another tattoo soon... not sure what tho.
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No comment !! very creative
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I hope its a good, "no comment" :D
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lovely :) i really want something like this. but im so damn picky about what i want its taking me a while to decide what i want. but i deff love the create.
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thank you

that really is me at the end of the day, so, i love it dearly :)
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That's so you Kyle!

Never forget your passion
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Thanks Kyle :)
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right on. NOW thats devotion right there.
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Damn right !! LOL
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That is awesome! I dig it. Original and simple and cool.
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That's beautiful. Your experience is very insightful. I'm going through a bit of a hard time, and this is a sign to me to stop worrying and start doing the things I love again.

Thank you :)
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Ahhh. Im glad it made you inspired again.

We often get caught up in our lives and forget whats REALLY important.

And THATS whats most important, remembering ourselves.
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Right on bro, keep on living, keep on creating
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That's awesome kyle!! =) and yes!! never stop creating! because i never want to stop admiring your work =)
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