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by camias

This is a very good sketch. I like the look in her eyes and feel as if she's really looking at me. I would like it better if she were s...

First off, this is a well-done drawing. It is also interesting. I like it. I see you chose a cabaret style but gave her an unhappy expr...

by TheDeviousFox

Nicely done. It shows you have talent mixed with a willingness to learn. Keep trying. The pot. . did you mean for it to be unevenly sha...

Wow! I like the colors. For a leotard dress, that is a fine outfit. I must say that I don't like this much as a whole but I like parts ...

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  Sayuri retracted her power before kneeling again. She drew them close and for a minute, she simply held them close. She felt the girl rest her head against her shoulder. She did not mind the boy simply staying still.
  After a minute Sayuri heard the children's stomachs growl. "Come. Let's get you two some food. Then you can tell me what you can." She stood. She lifted the girl to her hip and turning, started toward the village. She knew the boy followed as she saw him through her peripheral vision.
  The boy walked a step behind the kind stranger who had protected him and his little cousin. He was aware of her sincerity since it was evident in the way she had defended them. He saw the people crowded together at the entrance to the village and reached out, grabbing a hold of her kimono's skirt. 
  Sayuri smiled and simply continued onto her family's compound. She took them into the kitchen and prepared a meal for them. She served it to them and sat down with them. Her clone reached her side a minute later and the original took Itachi from it. She bared her breast and he latched onto it, beginning to drink.
  The two children paused at the sight of the baby. They looked at each other and continued eating. They were silent not only because they were eating but also because neither was sure what to say.
  Sayuri smiled down at her son and then looked up at the two. She saw the looks on their faces and guessed what they were thinking. She said nothing but looked back down at Itachi who broke his suction then. She shifted him so she could burp him. This done, she let him get back to his milk for he was not full.
  The little girl finished eating first. She sat back and watched the stranger a minute before she asked, "Your first?"
  "Yes," answered Sayuri though this was not exactly the full truth but such a truth would be beyond the little one's understanding. She looked up at the boy and saw him finish the last bit of food on his plate. "Full?", she asked. She saw him nod and smiled. She looked to her clone and said, "Draw a bath. We will bathe and dress them before putting them to bed. We can talk tomorrow."
  Sayuri the clone nodded and took the two children up to the bathing chamber. She drew the water. She helped them undress and get in the water. She bathed them.
  Sayuri the original joined her clone just as the little girl was ready to get out. The clone saw to the girl and the original saw to the boy. They put them to bed in the nursery as the clone had fixed them a pallet.
  Sayuri rose at the normal time and entering the nursery, she collected Itachi. She looked at the pallet and smiled at the sight of her clone holding both children. She went to the garden and there tended to her son. She also used this time to pray and think about what she would do.
  An hour passed before the other three rose also. The clone saw to the two guests' ablutions. She led them downstairs for breakfast which the original had ready.
  When all had eaten 'til they were full, Sayuri asked, "What are your names?" She listened as the boy said, "I am Toru and she is Chirya." She nodded and then asked, "What are your ages?" Again she listened as Toru answered, "I am 6 and she is 3." Sayuri nodded. Her next question was, "Why did the dragon want you two specifically?"
  Toru shrugged at this point. He heard his hostess make an "hmm" sound and saw her nod. He looked at the baby she was holding and something in that gaze caught Sayuri's attention.
  Sayuri quickly looked at her clone and it moved to her side. She eased her sleeping baby into the clone's arms. The clone straightened. She then stepped back. Sayuri the original knelt and rested the fingertip of her right first finger on his left temple. She followed this by placing her left first fingertip on his right temple. She paused and closed her eyes, simultaneously drawing on her power. She created a barrier around them. She then laid her own forehead against his. 
  Toru felt his memories come forward. He closed his eyes and clutched her skirt in his fists. He waited.
  Sayuri saw all of Toru's memories in a matter of minutes. Sitting up when she was finished, she dropped her hands before drawing him onto her lap. She wrapped her arms around him and held him close. She began to rock back and forth. 
  Toru did not immediately respond but after a minute, he slipped his arms around her shoulders and clung to her. He let himself enjoy the warm feel of genuine compassion from this stranger. He felt no fear.
  Sayuri shifted Toru then so his head lay in the crook of her left arm. She continued to rock back and forth. She waited. She felt him slowly fall asleep. She stood and carried him to the nursery. She laid him down and he turned onto his side. She withdrew and went to find the clone who was in the garden. Sayuri the original took Itachi back into her arms and spoke to her clone.
  Sayuri the clone took Chirya into her charge while Toru slept. She enjoyed this because she liked being of use. This was a rare thing as it took much out of the original to do this. 
  Meanwhile Sayuri the original carried Itachi in her arms as she walked out of the compound. She paused long enough to erect the barrier built around the estate. She did this to ensure the children's safety. She then went to the right, stopping when she reached the end of the street. She walked to the Hokage Tower.
  Sayuri walked up to the Hokage's office where she found Tsunade doing paperwork. "Obaachan, I need to ask you something," she said. She saw Tsunade look up as she started to growl. Sayuri smiled when Tsunade saw the baby and stopped growling. "Itachi wanted to see you too."
  "You want something?" asked Tsunade. She looked at Shizune who said, "Sayuri-san will want tea. Shall I bring you some?" She shook her head.
 Shizune shrugged and Sayuri laughed softly. The jounin looked at her sensei's current pupil. She listened as the young woman said, "Tis no in need of tea I am richt noo, Shizune-san." She nodded then.
  Sayuri looked at Tsunade and said, "I rescued two young children this morn. A dragon had stolen them and was going to eat them. They are from the village Ishiyr to the North. I want to go see what the situation is there and find out what is going on as well as why. That said, I would need to arrange for a genin team to help around the place as the clone will remain with Itachi."
  Tsunade nodded. She paused before saying, "I will arrange for the Konohamaru squad to do that. They will do perfectly." She saw Sayuri smile and nod.
  "Yes, they will," said Sayuri. She looked down at Itachi who gurgled at her then. She smiled again and shifted him before giving him her finger. She felt him take hold of it. 
  Tsunade smiled at the picture before her. "Motherhood suits you. Those children are lucky to have been found by you," she commented. She saw Sayuri look at her then.
  Sayuri's expression grew solemn as she said, "I was blessed to have been allowed to find them in time. Toru and Chirya are a special pair. I will leave early on the morrow. I will be gone at least a week, maybe more."
  Tsunade looked down at her desk and back up. She reached for a quill which she dipped in ink and wrote a brief note. "Shizune, seal this and give it to Sayuri. Summon the Konohamaru squad," she said.



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