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I'm Being Framed, Eddie!

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This came out better than I was expecting!
Tried some new brushes, mostly for background work.
I love the colors being very de-saturated in the background, less saturated for humans, and overly saturated for toons!
I think I need a bit for practice on cel shading, but otherwise this was a pretty good style test! :>
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BigLUIGINYStudent Digital Artist

this si so cool dude

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KyrahImaginesHobbyist Artist
thanks a million! :>
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ReggieJWorkshopProfessional Traditional Artist
I think you did a pretty good job on cel shading here! The coloring is very close how the scene looks in the movie. Also love how well you've drawn both Roger and Eddie!
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KyrahImaginesHobbyist Artist
Thanks so much!! <3 <3 <3
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rubyrouge649Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, you translated Eddie Valiant into an animated, cartoon style very well! :wow: He nicely contrasts Roger Rabbit here. :D
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KyrahImaginesHobbyist Artist
blpblpbl Thanks a million, I worked very hard!! <3 <3 <3
One of the hardest things is the contrast between humans and toons on a sensible level.
Can't make the humans overly realistic or it'd take forever to draw,
but I also can't draw them the exact same as the toons or else you couldn't tell them apart!
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ronekimewHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is one of my favorite all time movies and this picture is did an excellent job on this ^^
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KyrahImaginesHobbyist Artist
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ronekimewHobbyist Traditional Artist
welcome ^^
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Kim-cat3120Hobbyist Digital Artist
Super late, but this looks so amazing :heart:
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Save him, Eddie! :ohnoes:
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legocory98Student Artist
Roger Rabbit: What are we gotta do, Eddie? What are we gotta do? What are we gonna do?
Eddie: What's all this "we" stuff? They just want to rabbit.
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he's not wrong.
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Wow so pretty :D One of my favourite Movies :D
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Awesome. I love that old movie.
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It’s beautiful 😍
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That was weird, I was just thinking about this scene this morning before I discovered this deviant. 
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KyrahImaginesHobbyist Artist
It was meant to be~...!
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:D MY FRIEND LOVES THS MOVIE!! He's always saying, "1 a thousand, 2 A thousand, 3 a thousand, 4 a thousand"... etc. He loves roger rabbit, and I mean LOVES Roger rabbit.

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KyrahImaginesHobbyist Artist
Any friend of Roger is a friend o' mine!
Smile, darn ya, smile, my pal!
Roger Rabbit Love Emoticon. 
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Aaaah this is just fantastic, I love how more prominent the differences between the people and toons are now!! Great work as always :3
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KyrahImaginesHobbyist Artist
ibjtlisbnlismbklt THANKS SO MUCH!!

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Timebokan1 Traditional Artist

Roger rabbit

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