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Steampunk Watch

I give full credit to my brother who made this for me as a belated birthday gift. He knew I love the steampunk style, and he definitely went out of his way in this awesome creation. Everything was designed, cut, crafted, and riveted by hand.

NOTE: Neither I nor my brother do custom work. Our crafts are strictly for our own use and are unfortunately not for sale. We have neither the time, money, nor patience to make these crafts a continuous job.
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Is this buyable
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This reminds me of a Power Ranger morpher 
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I could have gone without that comment.
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I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get you mad or anything. I used to follow Power Rangers and the one thing I loved was their Morpher because they were unique.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's beautiful and something should be treasured. Because you made that and deserve to be recongized for this beautiful watch. 
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For the sentiment I thank you.
My brother riplox however, was the master behind this piece, and I agree -- he should definitely be recognized for it.
hi is there anyway i can order this item,please email me at
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No sir. Please read the description.
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want this! it looks very well done!
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this beats my swatch by miles. its awesome, well done to your brother
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Wow. your bro is so awesome for making you that, and you are also awesome for sharing with us your late bday gift.

It's inspiring, actually. I should do nice things for others more often. Q_Q
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Isn't he, though? He poured his soul into that thing, and I cherish it for that.
I'm glad it inspires you. That really makes it even more special to me, knowing that it strikes emotions into people.
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Wow. Awesome. Thanks for the response. ^^
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Awesome! it reminds me about my character in future had legendary bracelet like this.. XD
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Wow awesome! I would like to have that kinda watch!
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this is so good i like it !!! :D i want buy thiiiis :D
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