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February 6, 2015
Blizzardfest - SCV unit by KypcaHT is a dynamic scene that makes great use of contrast.
Featured by Lyricanna
Suggested by lovelessdevotions
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Blizzardfest - SCV unit

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SCV Pilot: "What, you run out of marine?" XD

Seriously though, an epic piece!
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I really wish SCVs can do that in the game.
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wow exraordinary
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Cool! Unfortunately, they not so badass in the game(
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:

KageNoMozaiku's avatar
great work!  but umm....scv's wouldn't be that big.…

I had to finish this over year long debate, no hate.
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yes it would mate. the game scale is different from artwork. battlecruisers are supposed to be basically movable cities!
KageNoMozaiku's avatar
that's nice.  however i said nothing about the battlecruiser, which IS a flying city.  i very directly said "scv" which is nothing more than a powered exoskeleton, not a full blown mech.
gonxal1000's avatar
It is a mech mate
Check the bios
Even scv stands more for a small mecha than a suit
KageNoMozaiku's avatar
okay sure....whatever lets you sleep at night mate.  i've got better things to do that argue about some petty bull---t topic like this.
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Sorry but since scv's are considered biological in Starcraft is it a mech suit or an exoskeleton suit because I know it's gameplay mechanics and all but I found it hard to believe that the biological driver would get hurt even though it's gameplay mechanic 
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yeah, maybe you are right my friend
YouGotBloodOnMySuit's avatar
Don't f*ck with SCVs.
Looks badass :) , but reality hes going to die very quick :(
reminds me of aliens. it really looks like the loader units they use.
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I  watched the "aliens" movie yesterday, and yeah it was a badass scene! loader(drove by sigourney) vs the alien queen haha
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Great piece! I really like the lighting & use of color! Thank you for sharing!
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Isn't the SCV a hovercraft though?
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