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Chok Chok [UDNA animation meme]

Just a little shit haha
Some remember this ?
protectuh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaah by Kyoichii

Here you go :
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MarianaSousaNekoMala's avatar
XD yo soy igual el polinegro y el polirojo XD
Wolf3Animations's avatar
Issei: ME
Hiro: My Cookies
Guuzen and the other guy (i don't really remember his name): My friends

Its like that.

elowjustsmile's avatar
X) Nooooooooooo ! You'll kill me man !
SparkingAround's avatar
issei is like : MINE!!! But I didn't listen (Rarity) PLZ 
Snivystorm15's avatar
Protect Hiro with your bod Issei!! XD
Auracly's avatar
J'adore la video c'est trop mignon!!!!!!
WolfieYote's avatar
I sang this song for hours at school.....mehp My classmate hates me XD
TaleDemon's avatar
that's how the work is avoided XDDDD
LizeKisaragi's avatar
Leurs p'tite oreilles qui bougent sont trop mignonnes.
ATCX's avatar
OH my god I love that song so much and you made it that much better by putting your lovely art with it! thank you :'3
Diabloo-666's avatar
Oh putain, la tête d'Issei XD LE MEGA DERP DE L’EXTRÊME! X)
Thelaughingfox123's avatar
This made me laugh so hard.

But I do not know why omf
drawing-aizakku's avatar
Heh, heh.~ It appears I have a new desktop wallpaper.~ Heart 
VanillaBonBonxx's avatar
I just noticed:
Why do all the Charakters in this pic have FOUR ears?
StarshipXD's avatar
Jayden-Knight's avatar
Very tempted to make this my desktop background
Tepinga's avatar
I have no idea why but I find the video very amusing!! Its so funny!!! XD
Katsumi96Dokuro's avatar
The video is just too funny XD
Bloodthirsty14's avatar
I saw the video last night and i swear it was hilarious and addicting at the same time! XD I actually think i broke the replay button on the video! XD
LittleMarryy's avatar
that was my reaction too.
Ringoartstudio's avatar
Why does this picture reminds me how I look in school XD
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