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Tutorial Paint Tool Sai Different Layer Options

Someone asked me on tumblr to explain and show the difference of each layer option in PTS,
I tried my best to explain it, hope it'll be usefull for some of you.
If you want me to explain anything feel free to tweet/not/tumblr me!! I gonna try to reply as fast as possible, but since I gonna graduate soon and have my final exams comming up it may take a bit, I'm sorry ;-;/

Short explaination if it may not appear clear.

Basically we have the drawing we want to use the effects one, above we draw the "shadows"
I used a kind of grey idk. Placing it above our actual drawing gives us the option to see how different
those effects work. It's the same base drawing and layer above, but see how the effects change the look?
I like muliply & binary the best here haha.

if you have any questions feel free to leave them here! ^-^/     Twitter:    YT:…
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That'll be very useful, thank you very much!!^^
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If you use overlay on pale or light colored layers how do you get it visible?
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Thanks for the quick tips! It was a great help in bringing some more color into my illustration ^^.
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lol, so that's how it works, xD thanks a bunch 
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best tutorial ever
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NIIIICE! I had no idea what these terms for layers did/meant! Thank you!
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finally can differentiate the usage of those! :iconyeahplz:
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aaaa this is so useful ty ;;

Do you know if/how the effects change depending on the color of the layer? like if you used red for the covering layer and not grey?
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Just what I was looking for, this explained everything in as few words as possible, making it nice and simple to understand for clueless people like me. Thanks! Love 
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Thanks so much for this!
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Kudos for this, thanks a lot!
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Okay that was simple but easy to understand. Thank you very much for this. :D
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Nice summary and well written, thank you for that. c:
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thank you for the tutorial It really helps well , I'm going to try this :3
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plz TWLL ME WHAT SOFTWARE SHE USES Waaaah! Crying Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] Q_Q :sad: Really Sad 
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Correct me if I'm wrong, she MIGHT be using Paint Tool Sai. 
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That's correct ^^
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okay thx u =3 Meow :3:) (Smile) 
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wow, nice ^^ very useful!
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Does anyone ever use the binary color?
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