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Step by Step Hair Part 3

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Part 3 of my Hair step by step, including my settings!
This time green & brown hair, the last 4th Part will coninue with white and blue! :iconyuiswayplz:

Other parts:

(Orange & Brown) (Black and Pink)
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Clever use of the fringe/edge effect!!
Gotta try that!
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the green hair kinda looks like Gumi 
picori-suzuki's avatar
So cute!素敵な色!
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This reminds me Kenneth Rocafort's painting style.
OnikaALee's avatar
It almost look its painted this way
Sefuku's avatar
woah your colors are awesome *u*
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what's all that lined shading? is there a tool for lined shading??  
Warriordashy's avatar
I think its something for the layer called Fringe
KristyArt1's avatar
What software do you use? plz tell ;-;
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I think it's Paint Tool SAI
kukuro-kun's avatar
Very nice coloring style. Thank you!
RikuuNiHibikiAu's avatar
I like how you color your artworks!!
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Aaaah it's gorgeous!
fl-oShiina's avatar
where can i download the tool ink pen ;v;
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She made the brush by default by changing the density, min size, etc.

The panels with what brushes she used are extended so then you can copy down the settings on each brush. The Ink Pen is just the normal Pen but renamed to "Ink Pen" and changed settings, it's probably best if you just copy down the settings other than downloading the brush XP

I'm not a professional in SAI but I know that basics and yakaty-blab so yeah ^^
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Thanksss! This is supaa helpful! :D
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very useful! thanks for shared n-n
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Thank you ! very nice tutorial. ^^
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I use the mouse though!Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] 
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How do you get the darker outline when you draw


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go on the layer you want to colour the hair on and then go to paints effects or something depending on what version of sai you have! then go layer effects
Then go tick the fringe thing and ta da there should be an outline thing
SORRY you probably ALready figured it out ok bue
fawnkiss's avatar

Thank you so much!! ♥♥ I appreciate it lovie!!


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