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A quick sketch/rough illustration of Puella madoka magica...
Sorry guys I've been quite inactive during the past few weeks, the reason is mostly my health that lately is playing jokes on me T^T
So I rarely can draw beside school and that's why I just came around to upload this one, which is not completly touched up but whatever haha just to confirm that I'm still alive XD
Please forgive me if I haven't answer any of your questions lately, please be sure when it's important to send me a note again, I apologize for all of this :iconyuicryplz:

To those who asked me last time, yeah I watched Madoka a few months back, it was airing on Tv so I could wtch it and to be honest I'm not much into it as others but it was a kind of refreshing series hehe but the design is awesome~ :iconyuiswayplz:

I try to upload a few better drawing soon~

On my Tumblr:…
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This looks so beautiful and sad

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Hi!! Is really lovely!! Can I use this image for my cellphone cover?
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I feel kind of bad looking at this picture. I'm enjoying someone crying far too much.
As always, impressive work, and I can;t look away easily.
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This is so beautiful. 
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Awww sad Madoka! :( looks awesome!
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I love the colors, and the way you did the gems :D
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I just noticed, that door thing is shaped like Madoka's soul gem.
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I'm looking back at this piece of fanart after watching Madoka Rebellion and I swear you literally predicted the movie's basic premise before the movie was released. I am now 100% convinced that you are psychic.
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u have a beautiful drawing style!
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bruh this is legit
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thats dope pulse its a grate sires  
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I seriously need to know what she used >o<
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Stunning *A*
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what are your brush settings for painting and lineart? ; w ; ~~
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That´s one of the best fanarts I´ve ever seen! It´s very impressive how you show the feelings and thoughts of Madoka, I like the facial expressions and this blurred coloration in the background. You have the impression that Madoka is a little bit dreaming. Your style is wonderful! >//< Like this little details in lights / shadows.
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Oh, gods! Your art is amazing!
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Separation from friends is sad and lonely.  No matter what the reason for the separation. about to cry emote 
Pikachu crying 
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