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Hair Tutorial

Hi guys~
Time passed by since my last tutorial and I thought about it's time to make a new
one, since the old one is really bad & people keeped asking me for it (hehe I don't know why)
This is the way I draw hair, it may be wrong but I just learned it myself :iconyuiswayplz:
There will be like 3 parts, I will draw different types & color to shoe how I mostly work.

Hope it helps~
Thanks :iconmisakiciaoplz:

Please do not copy/trace/re-upload/post etc. ~
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can you tell me the brush settings for sai for the hair brush?
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Very helpful..ty
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I needed dis...thanks you bootyful artwork soul ;3;
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this tutorial is great, you make it look so easy ^^; I really like your style where there are sharp lines of colors but they still somehow work! thanks for sharing~
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Thank you for the super helpful tutorial ^^
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So helpful~! Thank you~!Pikachu Emote - Happy 
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is there a setting for that lined shading on the first step? ;v;
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thanks for sharing this is really helpfull ♥
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 thanks nwn <3
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I love your style! So happy you do tutorials thanks! ^^
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I can finally draw hairs! *squee*
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If it works for you, there really isn't a wrong way to do things. Thanks!
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Really helpful tutorial for hair! Thanks~
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Amazing kind of shading,specialy the first, I love this *^*
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what program is this? doesnt look like sai D;
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the problem with this is it kind of looks more detailed than the rest of the body
still pretty neat though
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it a hair tutorial  not cloths
Wow gorgeous! The coloring is wonderful. Great tutorial. -J.M.
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