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Thank you so so much for droping by to my stream!!!!! It really means a lot to me having you guys around and having fun together!
The stream is saved, you can watch it here:
I will try to do a speedpaint out of it (if qulaity will be good enough)
I had a lot of fun, thank you so so much!!
Also for all of your support during the past years since I joined Da, you guys have supported me and that's what I really do appreciate and somthing that means a lot to me!
Thanks you!!!!! ^-^/

I've drawn my oc kyori again in a more mature way/look
Hope you like it!

feel free to leave questions if you have any!
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What a gorgeous drawing!
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So nice! I love the colors and graphics! It' beautiful :)


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sorry to bother you, someone stole your art by the user criticalflamingo 
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i could stare at your artwork all day
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its impossible not too
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Wow your oc is beautiful! I really want her dress! Also your painting style is wonderful! Great job on this! :D
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Ah this is so beautiful!! I really love the way you colour these, what brushed so you use?
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Love how you make natural elements *w* 
Your gallery is to fell in love with! ♥
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This is beautiful!!
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such a peaceful feelings <3
Eu realmente gostei da sua arte as cores o traço. Só pra saber é uma aquarela?
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I really love how gestural this is!
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Sooo beautiful ♥ 
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this is so beautiful
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