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Coloring Tutorial (from sketch to final)

Almost a year went by since my last Tutorial...Sorry for that!!
Well remeber the poll I started months ago? Well a lot of things got asked so i decided to do a stap by step again, recording each step I do.
I already did it a few weeks ago but just finished it a few minutes ago. The final illustration will be up on my Tumblr soon (and a bit changed).
If you have any questions feel free to leave them as a comment or send me them on

I tried to simplify it as much as possible ;-;
Have fun!

Please do not repost this tutorial!
I also would appreciate it if you won't re-upload/edit it.
I have a tumblr where this tutorial is up as well and instead of re-posting it I would really be thankful if you would replog instead ^-^/
Thank you so so much, hope it helps!

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I really love the water effect in yout drawings, it's amazing!
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Really well explained with details and all!
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Thank you for sharing your process, this rocks!!
MademPuffet's avatar
Even as cartoon artist, this is sooooo great!
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woah it's great!! thank you for sharing it
Penello-Meow-Meow's avatar
PLEASE! can you show the tool settings and the ones you used?
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why are you using the brush called water-9 when you said earlier to use the water brush?
Penello-Meow-Meow's avatar
Can you post the a link to download your tool configurations pls ;_;???
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Thank u so mucht :3 i'm new with digital coloring
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Thank you for taking the time to make this tutorial. I thought some things about it were done really well and can help me learn; however, some things were a tiny bit confusing to me and I think artists could have benefited more if you had taken a moment to explain some things that may be obvious to you but aren't to us less experienced people ^^ For example: what does it mean to clip layers? When you added details to the eyes or lips, it would have been really helpful if you had explained exactly how you did the details (I think a lot of artists would like to learn the effect you have done there, it looks very compelling and an explanation of the process would have been much more beneficial). 

Granted, I know you've already worked very hard to make this and you must have been tired afterward, so by no means am I trying to fault you on that; but if you truly desire to help other artists learn, you might want to consider incorporating those elements as to be a better teacher. Thank you so much again and please keep drawing! =)
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Kyou, in this tutorial you used the water 9 brush, but the preset at the beginning is the normal water brush? Is it different? Do you use more than one water brush? I had a hard time trying to shade with the normal water brush, for unknown reason it wont give me darker color when shading, it just blends the color underneath and adds a very soft color even at 100 density. (I hope you understand what I mean). It would help me so much if you answer this. Thanks for sharing, by the way.
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This is a very uniqie style of coloring! I really like it I was trying to find a fresh new way to color since I'm jumping back on the art wagon after such a long hiatus(deleting my old account)! Thank you very much for showing this! :heart:
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I can't even begin to thank you for this tutorial... So much thanks!!!!
One question I have is what did you mean with the eye portion of the tutorial when you said "To give it a smoother look just add the skin color above the eye color"?
Thank you! :)
Maqaroon-Neko-Adopts's avatar
I want to take this moment,,, I appreciate what you did here.. 
this helps so much and I know it's hard to make tutorials like this,, so I want you to know that there are many artists including me who appreciates what you did here... thank you very much for this... 

♥ ♥ ♥ I LOVE YOU FOR THIS!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Thank you very much. Love it!
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Can you do this with the mouse lol.
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This tutorial is really useful!
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Excellent tutorial, I really like how the colors look at the end!
Love this tutorial!It was really helpful.^^
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Its messy but AMAZING.. nice tut. BTW..
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Thanks for this UBER USEFUL tutorial
i've always wanted to draw liek you... ;__;
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This is a really nice tutorial, thank you for making it. ^_^
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